Errico Malatesta

  1. About my trial: Class Struggle or Class Hatred?
  2. About the Platform
  3. Against the Constituent Assembly as Against the Dictatorship
  4. Anarchism and Organization
  5. Anarchist Propaganda
  6. The Anarchist Revolution
  7. The Anarchists in the Present Time
  8. Anarchists, the War and Their Principles
  9. Anarchy
  10. Anarchy and Organization: The Debate at the 1907 International Anarchist Congress
  11. Democracy and Anarchy
  12. Further thoughts on the question of crime
  13. The Idea of Good Government
  14. A Little Theory
  15. Majorities and Minorities
  16. Mutual Aid: An Essay
  17. Neither Democrats, nor Dictators: Anarchists
  18. Note on Medicine and Anarchism
  19. Note to the article “Individualism and Anarchism” by Adamas
  20. On Syndicalism
  21. Reformism
  22. The Revolutionary “Haste”
  23. Revolution in Practice
  24. A Talk About Anarchist Communism Between Two Workers
  25. Towards Anarchism
  26. The Tragic Bandits
  27. What Is Anarchism? An Introduction
  28. What is to be done?