1. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
  2. About the destruction of the isolation unit in Brugge
  3. About the Tarnac 9
  4. A difficult subject
  5. Affective Disorder @ New School
  6. The Affinity Group
  7. Aftermath Of A Gulf War
  8. After the Crest
  9. Against Communism, Against Capitalism: The New Asian Revolution
  10. Against Missionaries. Articles from “Green Anarchist”
  11. Against War and Pacifist Bliss
  12. The Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker
  13. Alienation, Marvelous Pursuits and the New Nomadic Sciences
  14. Alternative Energy Technology?: Articles from “Green Anarchist”
  15. Anarchafeminist Manifesto
  16. Anarchism, a History of Anti-Racism
  17. Anarchism, a History of Fighting for Women’s Freedom
  18. Anarchism and Nationalism
  19. Anarchism: The New Identity Politics
  20. Anarchist / Black Bloc Motivation
  21. The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement
  22. Anarchists and the May 15 movement
  23. Anarchy Against Utopia!
  24. Animal Liberation: Devastate to Liberate, or Devastatingly Liberal?
  25. Anthropology and John Zerzan: A Brief Critique
  26. Anti-Capital Projects
  27. Anti-civ Gatherings: Reports from “Green Anarchist”
  28. Anti-Politics and Revolutionary Solidarity
  29. Antitechnology #0
  30. Articles from “Machete” #1
  31. Articles from “Machete” #2
  32. Articles from “Machete” #4
  33. Articles from “Machete” #5
  34. At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics
  35. Avatar: Revising the White Man’s Story
  36. An Average Day in the Company of Police at the Border of the EU
  37. The A Word
  38. Barbaric contribution
  39. The Battle Against Bayer: The End...or is it?
  40. Becoming Uncontrollable: An Anarchist Reflection on Occupy Seattle
  41. Beware of White-Dressed Cops: Some Italian rioters contrast Ya Basta!s Image with the Reality
  42. Beyond the Peasant International
  43. Beyond Workerism — Beyond Syndicalism
  44. Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature
  45. The Black Flag
  46. Brittle Utopias
  47. The Broken Teapot
  48. Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police in the Puget Sound, Winter 2011
  49. Call
  50. Can you hear?
  51. Capital and the Capitalists
  52. The Catastrophe Psycosis
  53. Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists and the Media
  54. Cherusci, Dakota both resisted colonization
  55. China: Capitalist Discipline and Rising Protests
  56. Civilization and the Creative Urge
  57. Civilization: Can We Survive It?
  58. The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism among Anarchists
  59. The Continuing Appeal of Religion
  60. Deify
  61. Desert
  62. Deserting the Digital Utopia
  63. Destroying Civilization, Destroying Nature
  64. Dispersed Fordism and a New Organisation of Labour
  65. Don’t Die Wondering
  66. Drowning
  67. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching
  68. Ego-Anarchism
  69. Egypt: Like the sea
  70. Emma Goldman for Sale
  71. Endless War: Anarchist antimilitarism and the “war on terrorism”
  72. Enter... Enter...
  73. Environmental Anarchism in Vermont: Anne Petermann of Global Justice Ecology Project
  74. Epilogue to The Broken Teapot
  75. Essays from Willful Disobedience Volume 1–2
  76. The False Promise of Green Technology
  77. A few notes on anarchist revolutionary solidarity and the struggle against prison
  78. The Field Guide to Anti-Hunting
  79. Fighting Scientology: an anarchist perspective
  80. Fixed abodes
  81. The Floodgates
  82. For a World Without Morality
  83. Forest Occupation in Catalunya
  84. Forgotten Heroes: Spanish Resistance in France 1939–45
  85. From Autonomous Space Towards Liberated Space: Some Points for Discussion and Debate
  86. From Thought into the unknown
  87. Fundamentals of Anarchism
  88. The Genetic Modification of Crops: A Cause for Concern?
  89. Genoa is Everywhere
  90. The Great Hunger
  91. Green Anarchists Gather in Pennsylvania
  92. The Green Movement Doesn’t Need a Political Party
  93. Greetings from Greece
  94. Healing Ourselves
  95. Heresy
  96. Hierarchy
  97. How Ethical is the Work ‘Ethic’: reconsidering work and ‘leisure time’
  98. Iconoclast
  99. The Importance of Support:
  100. The Importance of the Car to the Modern Economy
  101. Incognito
  102. The Incomprehensible Black Anarchist Position
  103. Infinite Strike
  104. In Gaza like elsewhere...
  105. Interview of comrade Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis (Greece)
  106. In the Distance: Suburbia against the barricades
  107. In The Most Free State of the World
  108. Introduction to Consensus Descision-Making
  109. Introduction to the Apocalypse
  110. It’s been four years since Zoé died
  111. Joseph A. Labadie
  112. Kula Shells and Zombies: Notes on Value
  113. The Kurdish Uprising and Kurdistan’s Nationalist Shop Front and Its Negotiations with the Baathist/Fascist Regime
  114. Letter to the anarchist galaxy
  115. Live Week: Your University at Wheeler Hall
  116. The Malleus Maleficarum — The Hammer of Witches: A Review
  117. Manifesto of Nihilist Women
  118. The Marini Trial
  119. Mayday, May Day: Critiquing Mayday 2000 as a Political ‘Racket’
  120. Militarization and Civilization: Articles from “Green Anarchist”
  121. Millbank Fire
  122. A Murder of Crows
  123. Necrophilic logics and the revolt of the imagination
  124. Neither Oblivion Nor Ceremony : Against the Cult of the Carrion
  125. “A Nest of Vipers in this Country”
  126. No Globalisation... and a good few ‘no’s when it comes to anti-globalisation too!
  127. Not everything is following its normal course
  128. Obituary of Fredy Perlman
  129. The Occupation of art and gentrification
  130. Off the Leash
  131. On antifascism
  132. On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts: a contribution to the topic of the theory of the practice of Sabotage
  133. On Sabotage: Considered as one of the fine arts
  134. Open letter to some Italian anarchists
  135. Opposing Repression: Conditioned Reflex or One’s Own Revolt?
  136. The Passion for Freedom
  137. The Perennial Wild Men. The ‘war on terror’ is their fear of a wild planet
  138. Playing Custer: Adventurism in the Occupation Movement
  139. Poison the Women Gently
  140. Primitivism: Back to Basics?
  141. Prison, Prison, Everywhere!
  142. The Problem with “Zeitgeist”
  143. Que se vayan todos! — Out with them all!: Argentina’s Popular Rebellion
  144. Radical Anthropology
  145. On Radical Moralism and Wildness
  146. Random Notes on “Call”
  147. The Rattle Of The Thompson Gun
  148. The Reason I Don’t Like Permaculture
  149. Rebelling Against our Domestication: Towards a Feral Revolution!
  150. Reclaim Your Mind : Manifesto
  151. Report from Occupied Miwok Territory
  152. Review: Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left
  153. Review: Science & Capital — Radical Essays on Science & Technology
  154. The Rising of the Barbarians: A Non-Primitivist Revolt Against Civilization
  155. Running to Stand Still: Globalisation, Blagging and the Dole
  156. Safe As Death
  157. The Snap of a Twig
  158. Social Dis-Centres
  159. Socialism and Anarchism: Antagonistic Opposites
  160. Some Definitions
  161. Space: Its Enclosure by State and Capital
  162. Spain 1936, the end of anarchist syndicalism?
  163. Stars in Their Eyes. Notes on the origins of the cult of celebrity
  164. State Repression Against Anarchists in Italy
  165. Storm Clouds of a Long Battle
  166. Tasmanian Genocide
  167. Technology And Anarchism
  168. The Telescope or the Kaleidoscope: A Critique of the ELF
  169. The Brick
  170. The Frightened
  171. The Individualist Hymn
  172. The theming of the countryside
  173. There is no Authority but Yourself: Reclaiming Krishnamurti for Anarchy
  174. The wind is blowing… Let’s sabotage the machinery of deportation
  175. This is Green Anarchism
  176. This is What Democracy Looks Like
  177. To French comrades concerning Tarnac arrests but not only
  178. To never bow our heads ever again
  179. To the wanderers — on the current uprooting of the dispossessed
  180. Towards an Insurrectionary Transfeminism
  181. Tree Spirit and Earth Repair
  182. Tuli Kupferberg (1923–2010)
  183. Uncontrollable
  184. The Undesirables
  185. War, catastrophe, democracy, prison. We want revolution
  186. We are not slaves, we are dynamite
  187. We Are Still Here
  188. We Are the 1%
  189. We Are the Crisis
  190. Welcome to NYU
  191. We Want to Watch Shining Stars...
  192. What ’Appen to South Africa? 1976–2005. Defiance to Apartheid, Neoliberalism, and Recuperators of Defiance
  193. What is Anarcho-Primitivism?
  194. What is Green Anarchy?
  195. Where Do We Meet Face to Face
  196. Which War: A one-shot publication of social reconnaissance
  197. Who are the terrorists?
  198. Who Wants To Be A Millenarian?
  199. Why Civilization?
  200. Why Not To Trust Your School
  201. Why the Unions Fail Us
  202. Why We’re Not Members of NEFAC: Some thoughts on Anarchist Organization
  203. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 11
  204. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 12
  205. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 6
  206. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 7
  207. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 8
  208. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 9
  209. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 1
  210. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 2
  211. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 3
  212. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 4
  213. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 5
  214. Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 1
  215. Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 2
  216. Winning the War, Losing the Peace: Ecological Revolution Flounders on Bougainville
  217. With Land, Without the State: Anarchy in Wallmapu
  218. Without a Trace
  219. Without precedents
  220. Women and Violence — Gender Myths: A review of some literature from the other side