Kevin Tucker

  1. Against Cultivation and in defense of wildness
  2. Agents of Change: Primal War and the Collapse of Global Civilization
  3. Class Struggle, Commodification and Modernized Society
  4. The Creation of Disaster
  5. The Disgust of Daily Life
  6. Egocide
  7. Essays from Species Traitor
  8. Everywhere and Nowhere
  9. The Failure of Revolution
  10. I am complicit.
  11. If you want to destroy his sweater... Beef with Derrick, unraveled.
  12. Interviews with Kevin Tucker
  13. Revolt of the Savages: Primitive Revolts Against Civilization
  14. Revolution And/Or Insurrection: Some Thoughts on Tearing this Muthafucka Down
  15. Spectacle of the Symbolic
  16. To Produce or Not to Produce