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Violence, Counterattacks, and Counter-Information: A Brief Background to Anti-Police Tension in the Puget Sound
Liberal Reform and Social War
The Murder of John T. Williams
The First Assembly
The Forces of Order and the Maintenance of Social Stability
The Second Assembly and the Emergent Strategy
The Strategy in Practice: Anarchist Action as a Destabilizing Force
Burning the Bridges They Are Building
A Home Invasion and a Noise Demonstration
For the Attack: Subverting Submissive Protests
February 16: No Charges for Birk
February 18: Birk’s Resignation Means Nothing
February 26: Action Against the Police and the Prison World
March 4: The Changing Terrain
The Third Assembly
March 15: The Moment of Upheaval Ends; The Active Struggle Continues
No Justice and No Resolution
Further Reading
Postscript: A Chronology of Attacks and Solidarity Actions
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