Title: Empyrean
Author: Federico Arcos
Topic: poetry
Source: sent by friend of author
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In memory of Vincente Mari

Tho’ the continents sink
the Oceans dry up,
or the rays of the Sun be extinguished,
and the darkness permeates the Earth;

Tho’ the poles compress
and meet at the equator,
or the Planet be pulverized,
vanishing in the Ether.

Tho’ the Universe lose its rhythm
the Worlds shatter
and everything disintegrates
in the Infinite.

Tho’ Eternity be today;
today, a minute;
the minute and instant,
and the Instant Nothing.

Tho’ everything be lost,
that nothing remains Nothing
and the Cosmic vacuum
be without end or boundary;

There always will be a flame
perhaps minuscule, but visible,
which will show us, as a perennial guide,
the way of Hope.