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Issue 5
First World Problems and First World Revolution By Mike Andrew
Why aren’t they coming over to our side?: Building a Mass Base of Support by Chris Pollina
Hamas Interview with Jamal Abu Alhija by Andrew C. Kennis, Independent Media Center of New York City
I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape by Andrea Dworkin
Self Defense: If not now, when? by Lore Axe
Smash Imperialism, at Home! by Brady McGarry
Incident #1
Incident #2
Our Job
A Legacy
Issue 6
Who’s Buried in Lenin’s Tomb? Reinventing the Left by Mike Andrew
Part 1: Finding Our Own Voice
Anarchists and Russia
Class and Race
The “Left” and Race
How to Burn Out and Fuck Everything Up by Brady McGarry
Living My Life
Spark to the Flame
Narcissistic Wounding
Short Stories With Tragic Endings
Looking to the Future
The Education Trap by Chris Pollina
A Question of Tactics
At Least They’re Doing Something!
When’s the Last Time You Read Z Magazine Cover to Cover?
Service, Advocacy, and Power: Educating for Action
Would You Shoplift “Days of War, Nights of Love”? by Butch Lee
Revolution, Sustainability, and Civilization: Exclusive Interview With Derrick Jensen by the Lore Axe
Gangstarizing a Movement by Duwan Tyson
Issue 7
World War 3: Two Years In by Mike Andrew
Forget Chiapas Emily Reilly
The Art of War All the Time by Brady McGarry
Goodbye, Arafat by Mike Andrew
Revolution, Sustainability, and Civilization: An Interview with Derrick Jensen (part II) by the Lore Axe
The Abolition of Activism by Noose Papier
The Social Atomization of Activism in Seattle
Wars End: Blacks and RITA in the Vietnam War by Andrew Hedden
“Our Troops,” Our Tactics
RITA — Born in Flames
G.I. Joe, meet Black Power
Destabilizing Elements
The Brass Brings Their Boot Down
Our Tactics Bring Them Home
Between Whiteness and a Hard Place: The Liberal’s Dilemma by Andrew Hedden
I Love Paris in the Spring Time, I Love Paris in the Fall... by Mike Andrew
Feminist Domestic Violence Shelters: From the Battered Women’s Movement to the Battle Against Bureaucracy by Anna Lee Preyapongpisan
Dispatches from Europe by Aaron Leaf
January 28, 2005
February 9, 2005
March 24th 2005
February 8, 2005
2 April 2005
April 5, 2005
The Importance of Supporting Prisoners by Harold H. Thompson
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