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The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book One. Birth, Growth and Triumph of the Revolution
Voline (1882–1945) by Rudolf Rocker
Introduction: Some Essential Preliminary Notes
Part I. The First Fruits (1825–1905)
Chapter 1. Russia at the Beginning of the 19th Century; Birth of the Revolution
Chapter 2. Repression, Violence and Failure; Development Continues (1825–1855)
Chapter 3. Reforms; Resumption of the Revolution “The Failure of Tsarism” and the Failure of Revolution; Reaction (1855–1881)
Chapter 4. The End of the Century; Marxism; Rapid Evolution; Reaction (1881–1900)
Chapter 5. The 20th Century; Hasty Development; Revolutionary Advance; Results (1900–1905)
Part II. The Jolt (1905–1906)
Chapter 1. The Gaponist Epic; First General Strike
Chapter 2. The Birth of the “Soviets”
Chapter 3. The Disastrous War; Victory of a Revolutionary Strike
Chapter 4. Defeat of the Revolution; Evaluation of the Jolt
Chapter 5. The “Pause” (1905–1917)
Part III. The Explosion (1917)
Chapter 1. War and Revolution
Chapter 2. Triumph of the Revolution
Chapter 3. Toward the Social Revolution
Chapter 4. Toward a Socialist Government; The Poverty of Socialism
Chapter 5. The Bolshevik Revolution
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