1. “Activism” and “Anarcho-Purism” (sasha k)
  2. The A Word (Aaron Leaf, Andrea Dworkin, Andrew C. Kennis, Andrew Hedden, Anna Lee Preyapongpisan, Anonymous, Brady McGarry, Butch Lee, Chris Pollina, Derrick Jensen, Duwan Tyson, Harold H. Thompson, Lore Axe, Mike Andrew, Noose Papier)
  3. Breaking the Code (dot matrix)
  4. Choosing Marginality (Jane Meyerding)
  5. Feral Revolution (Feral Faun)
  6. Hit ’Em Where it Hurts (Craig Rosebraugh)
  7. Hit where it hurts (Ted Kaczynski)
  8. Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics (Jamie Heckert)
  9. Mollie Steimer (Paul Avrich)
  10. The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism (J. Kellstadt)
  11. On the Road with CWS (dot matrix)
  12. Reflections on Privilege, Reformism, and Activism: A response to sasha k’s “‘Activism’ and ‘Anarcho-Purism’” (Chris Dixon)
  13. Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing (Anonymous)
  14. The System’s Neatest Trick (Ted Kaczynski)
  15. Your Face is So Mysteriously Kind (Monsieur Dupont)