1. Against Negation Or, Positively Revolting (Patrick Dunn)
  2. Anarchism and Individualism (Georges Palante)
  3. Anarchism — Socialism (Gustav Landauer)
  4. Anarchism: What It Is and What It Is Not (Joseph Labadie)
  5. Anarchist Futures in the Present (Jeff Shantz)
  6. The Anarchist Revolution (George Barrett)
  7. Anarchy: A Definition (Stuart Christie)
  8. Animal Liberation and Social Revolution (Brian A. Dominick, Joseph M. Smith)
  9. Basic Kropotkin (Brian Morris)
  10. Black Bloc Tactics Communiqué (Anti-Racist Action, Green Mountain Anarchist Collective)
  11. Claim No Easy Victories (Rory McGowan)
  12. Complex systems theory & anarchism (Gavin, Mendel-Gleeson)
  13. Computers and Anarchism (Paul Rabin)
  14. Disobedience: The antidote for miserablism (Penelope Rosemont)
  15. Don’t Die Wondering (Anonymous, The Litost)
  16. The Floodgates of Anarchy (Albert Meltzer, Stuart Christie)
  17. Genocide and Spectacle (Flor do Asfalto squat)
  18. Goodbye to All That (W. Awry)
  19. In Defense of Anarchism (Robert Paul Wolff)
  20. Libertarian Communism (Isaac Puente)
  21. The Meaning of Anarchism (Gabriel Kuhn)
  22. Next Stop? (ALARM, All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob)
  23. A Non-European Anarchism (Aragorn!)
  24. Prisons: Universities of Crime (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  25. A Question of Class (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  26. Re-Building Infrastructures of Resistance (Jeff Shantz)
  27. Remembering Spain : Italian anarchist Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (Umberto Marzocchi)
  28. Reverse Countdown (Nikos Romanos)
  29. The Revolutionary Posture of Anarcho-Primitivism (Mark R. Seely)
  30. Revolutionary Purity Showdown (Richard Ades)
  31. The Root Is Man (Dwight Macdonald)
  32. Russian Anarchists and the Civil War (Paul Avrich)
  33. Sober Spaces in the Punk and Anarchist Scenes (Mo Karnage)
  34. Three Essays on the New Mandarins (Kan San, Lee Yu See, Wu Man, Yu Shuet)
  35. We Are Outlaws (poster text) (anon.)
  36. We Demand Nothing (Johann Kaspar)
  37. What anarchism really means (Anarchist Studies Network)
  38. What Ought to be the Anarchist Attitude Towards the Machine (Marcus Graham)
  39. Why I Am Leaving Anarchism (John Jacobi)