1. Anarchism: Communist or Individualist? Both (Max Nettlau)
  2. Anarchist-Communism (Alain Pengam)
  3. An Anarchist Manifesto (Max Nettlau)
  4. Authoritarian Communism and Libertarian Communism (Federica Montseny, Max Nettlau)
  5. Beyond Kronstadt; the Bolsheviks in power (Mark Kosman)
  6. The Firebrand and the Forging of a New Anarchism: Anarchist Communism and Free Love (Jessica Moran)
  7. The Necessity and Bases for an Accord (Saverio Merlino)
  8. Neither Washington Nor Stowe (david van deusen, green mountain anarchist collective)
  9. The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society (Sam Dolgoff)