1. Anarchism Versus Civilization (Margaret Killjoy)
  2. Anarchy in Milton Keynes (Colin Ward)
  3. Anthropology and John Zerzan: A Brief Critique (Anonymous)
  4. Book Filled with Lies (Bob Black)
  5. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology (David Graeber)
  6. Fragments of a Reformist Anarchism (Wayne Price)
  7. French Marxists and Their Anthropology (Pierre Clastres)
  8. Is Capitalism’s Crisis Putting Revolution Back on the Agenda? (Mark Kosman)
  9. Karl Marx and the Iroquois (Franklin Rosemont)
  10. More Modesty All Around: on Barclay’s The State (Bob Black)
  11. The Natural Society: A Basis for Green Anarchism (Richard Hunt)
  12. A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be (Ursula K. Le Guin)
  13. “Outwitting the State” takes a different kind of power (Neal Keating)
  14. People Without Government (Brian Morris)
  15. A primitivist response to Andrew Flood’s question: Is primitivism realistic? (Nihilo Zero)
  16. The Question of Kennewick Man: re-writing colonization (Chris Kortright)
  17. Radical Anthropology (Anonymous)
  18. Radical Archaeology as Dissent (Theresa Kintz)
  19. Review: Twilight of the Machines (Aragorn!)
  20. Revolt of the Savages: Primitive Revolts Against Civilization (Kevin Tucker)
  21. The Rise of Hierarchy (Peter Gelderloos)
  22. Science is Capital (Bob Black, dot matrix, Jason McQuinn, Moebius Cube)
  23. Thirty Theses (Jason Godesky)
  24. The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarchoprimitivism (Ted Kaczynski)
  25. Withered Anarchism (Bob Black)