1. Adiós, Catalonia! In the Aftermath of the Spanish Civil War (Manolo Gonzalez)
  2. Alexander Berkman’s Last Days (Emma Goldman)
  3. The Anarchists: A Picture of Civilization at the Close of the Nineteenth Century (John Henry Mackay)
  4. Autobiographical Kaleidoscope (Franklin Rosemont)
  5. Autobiographical Notes (Max Sartin, Raffaele Schiavina)
  6. The Bolshevik Myth (Diary 1920–22) (Alexander Berkman)
  7. Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State (Ken Knabb)
  8. From the Confession to Tsar Nicholas I (Michail Bakunin)
  9. Life in Revolutionary Barcelona (Manolo Gonzalez)
  10. Living My Life (Emma Goldman)
  11. Memoirs of a Revolutionist (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  12. My Disillusionment in Russia (Emma Goldman)
  13. My Further Disillusionment in Russia (Emma Goldman)
  14. Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist (Alexander Berkman)
  15. The Tragedy of the Political Exiles (Emma Goldman)
  16. Was My Life Worth Living? (Emma Goldman)
  17. What I Believe and How I Came to Believe It (Wayne Price)