1. Anarchism and Other Essays (Emma Goldman)
  2. Anarchist Morality (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  3. Anarchy (Errico Malatesta)
  4. Appeal to the Slavs (Michail Bakunin)
  5. The Capitalist System (Michail Bakunin)
  6. Communism and Anarchy (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  7. The Conquest of Bread (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  8. The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  9. Ethics: Origin and Development (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  10. From the Confession to Tsar Nicholas I (Michail Bakunin)
  11. Germinal (Émile Zola)
  12. God and the State (Michail Bakunin)
  13. The Great French Revolution 1789–1793 (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  14. Marxism, Freedom and the State (Michail Bakunin)
  15. Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  16. National Catechism (Michail Bakunin)
  17. On the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection of 1830 (Michail Bakunin)
  18. The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  19. Power Corrupts the Best (Michail Bakunin)
  20. The Reaction in Germany From the Notebooks of a Frenchman (Michail Bakunin)
  21. Revolutionary Catechism (Michail Bakunin)
  22. Revolutionary Government (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  23. The Spirit of Revolt (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  24. System of Economical Contradictions: or, The Philosophy of Poverty (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon)
  25. A Talk About Anarchist Communism Between Two Workers (Errico Malatesta)
  26. The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book One. Birth, Growth and Triumph of the Revolution (Voline)
  27. The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book Three. Struggle for the Real Social Revolution (Voline)
  28. The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book Two. Bolshevism and Anarchism (Voline)
  29. What I Believe (Emma Goldman)
  30. What is Authority? (Michail Bakunin)
  31. Writings (Michail Bakunin)