1. Anarcho-Sceneism: What it is and how to fight it (Nachie)
  2. Autobiographical Kaleidoscope (Franklin Rosemont)
  3. Beer and Revolution: Some Aspects of German Anarchist Culture in New York, 1880–1900 (Tom Goyens)
  4. Genocide and Spectacle (Flor do Asfalto squat)
  5. How Ruinous Does it Have To Get? (John Zerzan)
  6. In my Mind’s Eye: Remembering Rosemont (Joseph Jablonski)
  7. The Nihilist’s Dictionary (John Zerzan)
  8. Proudhon’s influence in Belgium: nationalism and culture (Erik Buelinckx)
  9. The State is the Great Forgetter (Gregory Knapp)
  10. Toward an Anarchist Film Theory: Reflections on the Politics of Cinema (Nathan Jun)
  11. Trying for Springs (dot matrix)
  12. Tuli Kupferberg (1923–2010) (Anonymous)