1. Against Ideology? (CrimethInc.)
  2. A Gang with an Analysis (Committee on Higher Education (C.H.E.))
  3. Anarchism: Ideology or Methodology? (Dave Neal)
  4. Anarchy after Leftism (Bob Black, Jason McQuinn)
  5. Anything Can Happen (Fredy Perlman)
  6. Beyond Character and Morality (Jay Amrod, Lev Chernyi)
  7. Beyond the Fragments: A Reaction to Industrial Society and Its Future (John Moore)
  8. Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature (Anonymous)
  9. “Facing the Enemy”: A platformist interpretation of the history of anarchist organization (Jason McQuinn)
  10. Feral: a journal towards wildness (Chris Kortright, Craig Evarts, David Orton, James Barnes, Joanne Lauck, Patricia Freund, Rob los Ricos, Wolfi Landstreicher)
  11. French Marxists and Their Anthropology (Pierre Clastres)
  12. Gender Disobedience: Antifeminism and Insurrectionist Non-dialogue (Lilith)
  13. How Deep is Deep Ecology? (David Watson)
  14. I Accuse This Liberal University of Terror and Violence (Fredy Perlman)
  15. Insurrectionary Anarchy (Do or Die)
  16. Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective (Robert Anton Wilson)
  17. “More, Much More” and other writings (Massimo Passamani)
  18. The Negativity of Anarchism (David Wieck)
  19. The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory (Hakim Bey, Peter Lamborn Wilson)
  20. Peru: The Ideology Of Apocalypse Shining Path To What? (Manolo Gonzalez)
  21. Post-Left Anarchy: Leaving the Left Behind (Jason McQuinn)
  22. Revolutionary Self-Theory (Larry Law)
  23. The Secular Priestly Spirit (Georges Palante)
  24. Spiritual Anarchism: Topics for Research (Peter Lamborn Wilson)
  25. Stirner versus Proudhon (Maxime Leroy)
  26. Swamp Fever, Primitivism & the “Ideological Vortex”: Farewell to All That (David Watson)
  27. Sydney Libertarianism (A.J. Baker)
  28. The Telescope or the Kaleidoscope: A Critique of the ELF (Anonymous)
  29. Ultimate Profanation (Lee Paxton)
  30. Whatever You Do, Get Away with It (Jason McQuinn)
  31. What Is Worth While? (Adeline Champney)
  32. Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 2 (Anonymous, Guerra Sociale, Insurgent-S, Massimo Passamani)
  33. Wooden Shoes or Platform Shoes?: On the “Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists” (Bob Black)