1. Anarchism and Nationalism (Anonymous)
  2. Anarchism and Other Essays (Emma Goldman)
  3. Anti-patriotism (Han Ryner)
  4. Breaking Imperialism’s Chains (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  5. The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism (Fredy Perlman)
  6. The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism among Anarchists (Anonymous)
  7. Dianamania (John Moore)
  8. the earth is not flat: a review of ‘against nationalism’ (David Broder)
  9. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (Anonymous, Edward Abbey)
  10. Egyptian Surrealism and ʻDegenerate Artʼ in 1939 (Don LaCoss)
  11. Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman’s Fifty Years (Lorraine Perlman)
  12. Imputationism (Bob Black)
  13. Israel: 50 Years of Conquest (Ali Moosaavi, David Watson, Miguel Xolotl)
  14. The Kurdish Uprising and Kurdistan’s Nationalist Shop Front and Its Negotiations with the Baathist/Fascist Regime (Anonymous)
  15. The Palestinian Struggle and the Anarchist Dilemma (Wayne Price)
  16. Patriotism: a menace to liberty (Emma Goldman)
  17. A Proletarian Critique of the Nation of Islam (Melancholic Troglodytes)
  18. Proudhon’s influence in Belgium: nationalism and culture (Erik Buelinckx)
  19. The State (Randolph Bourne)
  20. Surrealism in the Arab World (Abdul Kadar El Janaby, Arsenal, Fadil Abas Hadi, Farid Lariby, Faroq El Juridy, Ghazi Younis, Maroin Dib)
  21. Trans-national America (Randolph Bourne)
  22. The U.S. Deserves to Lose in Iraq — But Should We “Support the Iraqi Resistance”? (Wayne Price)
  23. Was Gandhi an Anarchist? (Josh Fattal)
  24. What We Have Been, We Still Remain (Émile Armand)
  25. When Nationalist Frenzy Strikes... (Michael William)