1. Accursed Anarchism: Five Post-Anarchist Meditations on Bataille (Saint Schmidt)
  2. Anarchists must say what only anarchists can say (Monsieur Dupont)
  3. Anarchy and Nihilism: Consequences (Aragorn!)
  4. Desert (Anonymous)
  5. I Am Also a Nihilist (Renzo Novatore)
  6. Manifesto of Nihilist Women (Anonymous)
  7. Nihilism, Anarchy, and the 21st century (Aragorn!)
  8. Nihilist Communism (Monsieur Dupont)
  9. Nihilist Communism: Cruelty or the Inclusion of the Distributive Sphere (Monsieur Dupont)
  10. The Nihilist’s Dictionary (John Zerzan)
  11. On Behalf of the Barbarians (Bleu Marin)
  12. The Persistent Refusal of Paradise (Penelope Nin)
  13. The Revolutionary Catechism (Sergey Nechayev)
  14. Towards the Hurricane (Renzo Novatore)
  15. Toward the Creative Nothing (Renzo Novatore)
  16. Twilight of the Idols (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  17. Uncontrollable (Anonymous)
  18. Underground Russia: Revolutionary profiles and sketches from life (Sergei Stepniak)
  19. Why is it That Others Feel No Interest For Us? (Frére Dupont)
  20. Winding Down Of The Clockwork Lips (Frére Dupont)