1. Anarchism and Malthus (C. L. James)
  2. The Biological Cause and Prevention of War: Essay in Scientific Pacifism (Manuel Devaldès)
  3. Dealing with Distractions: Confronting Green Capitalism in Copenhagen and Beyond (Alexis Passadakis, Ben Lear, Derrick Jensen, Mikko Virtanen, Peter Gelderloos, Tadzio Müller)
  4. Defending the Earth: A Debate (Dave Foreman, Murray Bookchin)
  5. The Great Hunger (Anonymous)
  6. How Deep is Deep Ecology? (David Watson)
  7. The Malthusians (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon)
  8. The Population Myth (Murray Bookchin)
  9. A primitivist response to Andrew Flood’s question: Is primitivism realistic? (Nihilo Zero)
  10. Thirty Theses (Jason Godesky)
  11. War in the Sexual Act (Manuel Devaldès)