1. Anarchism and sex (Organise!)
  2. Anarchism, Sexual Liberation and Bisexuality (Peter Principle)
  3. baedan (baedan)
  4. Everyday Love (For Ourselves, Louis Michelson)
  5. The Firebrand and the Forging of a New Anarchism: Anarchist Communism and Free Love (Jessica Moran)
  6. For a dialectic of homosexuality and revolution (David Berry)
  7. Let’s Talk About Sex (The Class War Federation)
  8. Lovebite (John Moore)
  9. Objections to Anarchism (George Barrett)
  10. On Sexual Liberty (Émile Armand)
  11. Polyamory and Queer Anarchism: Infinite Possibilities for Resistance (Susan Song)
  12. The Religion of Kerista and Its 69 Positions (Robert Anton Wilson)
  13. Sexual Freedom: Why it is Feared (Robert Anton Wilson)
  14. Variations on Voluptuousness (Émile Armand)
  15. War in the Sexual Act (Manuel Devaldès)
  16. What I Didn’t Learn at College (Robert Anton Wilson)