1. 1919–1950: The politics of Surrealism (Nick Heath)
  2. Anti-Anarchist Propaganda Reported as Historical Fact (Don LaCoss)
  3. Autobiographical Kaleidoscope (Franklin Rosemont)
  4. Disobedience: The antidote for miserablism (Penelope Rosemont)
  5. Egyptian Surrealism and ʻDegenerate Artʼ in 1939 (Don LaCoss)
  6. In my Mind’s Eye: Remembering Rosemont (Joseph Jablonski)
  7. Karl Marx and the Iroquois (Franklin Rosemont)
  8. Manifesto of Surrealism (André Breton)
  9. Surrealism in the Arab World (Abdul Kadar El Janaby, Arsenal, Fadil Abas Hadi, Farid Lariby, Faroq El Juridy, Ghazi Younis, Maroin Dib)
  10. The Surrealist Adventure and the Poetry of Direct Action (Ron Sakolsky)
  11. Tuning in to the Media Dreamscape (Ron Sakolsky)