1. The Anarchist Synthesis (Sébastien Faure)
  2. Deep Ecology & Anarchism (Brian Morris, Chris Wilbert, Graham Purchase, Murray Bookchin, Robert Hart, Rodney Aitchtey)
  3. The Ghost of Anarcho-Syndicalism (Murray Bookchin)
  4. The International Anarchist Congress (Freedom (ed.))
  5. The Meaning of Anarchism (Gabriel Kuhn)
  6. The Mondragon Co-operative Federation: A model for our times? (Mike Long)
  7. A New Syndicalism? (Flint Jones)
  8. Organized Labor versus “The Revolt Against Work” (John Zerzan)
  9. Our Anti-Syndicalism (Victor Serge)
  10. The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society (Sam Dolgoff)
  11. Revolutionary Syndicalism in Mexico (John M. Hart)
  12. Spain 1936, the end of anarchist syndicalism? (Anonymous)
  13. ‘We Are All Leaders’: Anarchism and the Narrative of the Industrial Workers of the World (Jonathan A. Christiansen)
  14. Workers’ Organizations (Luigi Galleani)