Title: A Communique on Sabotaging Zionist Infrastructure
Subtitle: Shutting Down Friends of the IDF
Date: 8.11.2023
Source: Retrieved on 2023-11-10 from <indybay.org/newsitems/2023/11/08/18860230.php>
For Palestine.
To rebels everywhere.
With deepest love and ancestral rage,

We gathered with heavy hearts and humble hands holding a promise for a world safer from white supremacist, settler-colonial violence. Those who declare war on original peoples and pillage sacred life and land will face retribution. There has been a great fire building, may it overflow and take all enemies of life with it. May it create fertile grounds for victory against violent occupiers.

We took it upon ourselves to make sure these fascists could not gather. Rather than the constant reactivity and rigidness of mass protest spectacles, we wanted to hit them where it fucking hurts.

On November 5th, the Zionist fascist scum, “Friends of the IDF,” who represent the interests of wealthy American capitalists in their direct support of the settler colonial state of Israel and its continued campaign of genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people, attempted to hold a fundraiser gala at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California.

The IDF are known to kidnap, torture, kill, and rape Palestinians, as well as disrespect the bodies of martyrs. They are among the most deplorable people to ever walk the earth.

Despite reports and appearances otherwise, this fundraiser was effectively shut down within the first hour. Donor attendees began hurriedly leaving in a steady stream at the start of what was planned to be a full evening of blood money raising. This disruption, however, was not achieved by the tame, above-ground rally being safely contained by both the police and the rally organizers themselves, at a far distance from the unbothered attendees. These symbolic and futile attempts to shame and appeal to the moral conscience of individuals who have no shame or conscience, will always fail.

You cannot do damage to the Zionist project by merely engaging with its facade; you must strike at its soulless heart. You must strike at its veins (supply chains, logistics, cash flows, infrastructure).

While the liberals were congratulating themselves for having their nonthreatening photo op parade out in front of the gala, our people were out of sight at work on the veins of the building. Palestinians have suffered decades of Israeli soldiers and settlers restricting and destroying their access to water, often bricking up or concreting any water source not directly under strict control of the occupation forces, cutting off Palestinian access to the Jordan River while draining it to near extinction for settlement mono-crop agriculture, shooting holes in Palestinian water towers, bombing Gazan water treatment facilities, poisoning Palestinian springs and enforcing water apartheid in order to exert total control over Palestinian life. We decided to give these Zionist bootlickers a taste of their own medicine.

We cracked open the water main for the building housing the gala, switched it off, and filled the box with fresh concrete. This form of sabotage is quick and incredibly easy to replicate, and the tools are quite cheap. It also renders the building in question completely uninhabitable and unusable. We had a good laugh imagining these fascist motherfuckers driven out of the gala by the stench of overflowing toilets, unable to raise any more money for genocide. As we did we were reminded of how Israeli settlers flood Palestinian olive groves with sewage, poisoning food sources, destroying livelihoods.


There are specialized tools that can make this job easier to perform and faster.

  1. Water main shut off tool

  2. Irrigation lid tool / large screwdriver

The steps are as follows:

  1. Lift lid off water box

  2. Identify the valve, usually rectangular

  3. Turn valve to be perpendicular to the pipe

  4. Add a lock to the available hole

  5. Fill hole with concrete

  6. Put lid back on

At 6:40 PM, just 40 minutes into the gala, we put an end to things before they even began. No auction, no speeches, no propaganda screening, thus cutting off one stream of funding for genocide and apartheid. Donors began sneaking out of the backdoor of the space around 7PM, escorted by fascist police and private security. Around 7:10, a utility truck arrived to attempt a repair. They failed to do so, as our successful sabotage held. The building was evacuated. The Zionists ran home with their tails between their legs, their facade of security and impenetrability proven vulnerable.

We hope that this will inspire other autonomous actors to strike at the infrastructure of genocide everywhere it can be found.

While the Zionist occupation forces deliberately target Palestinian infrastructure to render human survival impossible, we must turn these same tactics on the oppressor, targeting the civil, economic, and political infrastructure that feed the Zionist project, starving it of the resources that sustain its existence and enable its genocidal violence. The targets are here and everywhere. We send a message that there will be no safe space for genocidal capitalism. There will be no safe space for fascist Zionist terror. Wherever you amass, we will find you and shut you down.

This was executed by a group of autonomous anti-Zionists and anarchist saboteurs. We have no name. We are not an organization. We are not an entity. Do not try to find us. We are everywhere and we will not stop.

Palestine will be free.