Title: Is it possible?
Author: Anonymous
Date: 1908
Source: Retrieved on 10th September 2021 from forgottenanarchism.wordpress.com
Notes: Published in L’Exploitée.

I read in La Voix du Peuple that, In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, there are some working-class mothers who send their sons in cadet corps and let them get a murderer’s education!

Do you not know these cadet corps have been used by governments to repress proletarian demonstrations? Here, in Bern, it happened in October last year, and, since then, proletarian women did what they had to do so that their sons hate the cadets’ exercises.

If, in French-speaking Switzerland, they have not yet dared to abuse of your children against yourselves and your movements, think about us, women, have no interest to give our sons a military education, quite the contrary.

We all know full well that men are never as rude and violent towards us than when they come back from their military service; they are never more authoritarian and selfish. It is as if discipline took its revenge.

I ask you then: is it necessary to unleash in our sons, at their most tender age, all these evil instincts? In such a way that the son too would come back as the commander of his mother and sisters?