Title: The Call of the Government
Date: March 1894
Source: Original translation from the source.
Notes: Published in Hamaink (Community), issue 1.

In the present article, we do not want to examine the current administrative order in Armenia, which has already been criticized a thousand times. The bereaved Armenian people today are blood-soaked revolutionaries, they have felt what the current government is doing and are protesting against that order with revolutionary activity.

The exhausted Armenian threw himself into the arena of the stormy and bloody revolution. He cries out for freedom and sacrifices his home, place, family and life for that desired freedom.

But what is that freedom? Will there be an Armenian government, be it monarchical or republican? No, it is not freedom at all, but imaginary dreams seasoned with the words freedom and happiness. A government, be it national or foreign, is always an enemy of freedom. “Government and freedom contradict each other”, here is an undeniable truth. And indeed, every government, be it monarchical or constitutional, republican or aristocratic, differs only in external forms, but they are the same in their internal essence and title. Let us now examine why the essence and title of all governments is.

In order to answer this question, we are obliged to draw a historical perspective on the origin of managerial orders. Sociology most definitely proves that when separate classes appeared in humanity, i.e. the oppressive rich and the miserable poor, then the rich formed a government to protect their unjust interests. A scientist like Gustave Le Bon, who has no revolutionary aspirations, confirms the same with the following words: “Soon, the rich formed a separate class and to protect their interests, they established laws and regulations against the poor people, that is, they formed a government.”

There is no doubt that this infernal machine called the government is directly directed against the needy working class. From the day of their origin until now, governments have always been true to their one and only calling, that is, to protect the oppressors against the poor people.

If we penetrate a little deeper and examine the governmental organization in a primitive way, tearing from its face the guerilla or republican mask with which it is covered in several countries, we will be surprised to see what a great similarity there is between the most advanced guerilla government and the absolute monarchical government.

The basics, which together make up the governing machine, are repeated in the same way everywhere, with the only difference that the hypocritical words “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” are carved on the walls of the same prisons in the dictatorial countries. Everywhere, taxes are paid by the sweat of the people, which are used to feed the governing body, whose goal and title is to suck the blood of the poor people who feed it.

Everywhere, the people pay a “blood tax” by performing military service. Why should a Russian soldier be jealous of a French soldier who is slaughtered like a fly in distant colonies for the benefit or whim of the government, or an Italian soldier who, while attacking a rebel crowd, unknowingly shoots and kills his own parent? In every country, poor people are crying for bread. Hunger has its victims both in Sicily and in Armenia. When a hungry and unemployed laborer steals a piece of bread, the courts everywhere punish him, while the great thieves and robbers remain unpunished, like the Panamaists in France and the Musabeks in Armenia.

All governments have the police, who are always ready to drown the voice of the people’s just protest and shoot them. Everywhere, the institution of the police plays its shameful role. In a word, all governments have the same goal and the same title and almost everywhere use the same means to achieve their goal. Therefore, it is very understandable that the barbaric management systems in all countries give the same fruit, which is the misery of the people.

Only short-sighted people can be deceived and not washed by the external forms and deceptive shine of this or that government. And as for the revolutionaries, the true revolutionaries, whose goal is the welfare of the people, they know that to eliminate all the miseries of the present, it is not enough to change the ruling individuals or administrative forms, but it is necessary to give the people absolute economic freedom, so that they can enjoy all the results of their work safely, and for this it is necessary to eliminate the organization, i.e. the government, whose sole purpose and title is to oppress the poor and productive people.

A suffering humanity will only be able to find their happiness on the ruins of the government. As ethnographer Morgan says: “Then the real freedom, equality and fraternity of the original community will be reborn.”