Title: It’s all about Russian ideology
Topics: nationalism, Russia
Date: 14 October 2017
Source: Retrieved on 20th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li

“Russian ideology” is modernism in the service of militant antimodernism, the using of progress to stop the progress, or even better, to reverse it. That is why Russia has never seriously sought world domination even in its dreams, and in its more recent wars were fought under the slogans of a “multipolar world”.

Russian propagandists are honest with it (even if they think they are cunning). Russia needs a multipolar world. Russia needs a West that is hated, it needs not only as an enemy and sparring partner, but also as a source and engine of progress. Because everything progressive in it — is fueled by external sources (ideologically, politically, technologically, financially).

If Russia suddenly, hypothetically, wins, if neo-archaic triumphs around the world, there will be no need for this progressive component of Russian ideology. And there will be only one traditional obscurantism that will not be able to support the Empire, and will not give Russia enough strength to fulfill the functions of the world gendarme of reaction. Russia can no longer be Russia and fall apart under its own weight.

The victory of progress in Russia is impossible. Since, ultimately, it either becomes a servant of “Russian ideology”, being included in a suicidal game on the side of the archaic, or rejected by Russia, turns into a “fifth column” and “foreign agents”. So the victory of progress “in Russia” will be a victory for progress “over Russia” and nothing else. People who can achieve it will not be “Russians” (even if they mistakenly call themselves so).

The victory of the archaic is the death of Russia. The victory of progress is the death of Russia. So, we conclude that the true “Russian ideology” is death.

Nothingness is what Russian patriots really want, but, not having the strength to admit it, they substitute their death with eternal torture, tormenting themselves and others.

“Russian ideology” is not limited to Russia by itself. there is nothing “purely Russian,” or “purely Slavic,” or even more “Asian.” The “Asiatic” theory is not only bad for its racist smell, but also for the fact that it implies that everything bad is a consequence of some alien influence that can be reversed by getting a “real” Russia that has never existed.

And those who are not subject to this “alien influence” are allegedly protected from “Russian ideology.” In fact, Russian ideology is not tied to Russia, and it does not always wear a quilted jacket.

It can wear any folk costume or a respectable suit of an expensive brand. It is able to speak in Ukrainian, English, or in German, and without an accent.

Russian ideology is a suicide, which cannot be committed anyway and therefore it turns into a prolonged self-torture.

But it doesn’t matter how long it lasts, the true goal of its apologists is a death. And they definitely achieve it.