Title: Introducing Ourselves
Author: Amanecer
Topic: Especifista
Date: April 14, 2010
Source: Retrieved on 9th August 2023 from especifista.wordpress.com
Notes: Published in Especifista #1.

We would like to introduce our humble publication Especifista brought to you by members and friends of Amanecer: For A Popular Anarchism.

First it would make sense to introduce ourselves —we are a group of mostly workers and some students spread throughout California. We are a majority people of color. And we share common dreams and visions of a new world.

We hope you share these too: a world where people control their workplaces communities and land and where all basic needs are met; where power and participation flow from the bottom upwards; where systems of profit, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism are uprooted and one in which we live sustainably with the planet.

Together and as individuals we’ve struggled and organized – meeting with our co-workers to confront the bosses, knocking on doors to talk about housing issues, marching for the rights of immigrants and our undocumented compañer@s; working with the family members of those abused by the police; and rallying up fellow students against the attacks on public education.

We’ve had sweet victories and bitter defeats. But this is not enough.

We believe that this vision can only be brought about by the mass movements de los de abajo, by those from below and the building of poder popular, the popular power.

But as those who actively seeking to construct this vision, we need a political home. We need a space to carry each other through between the ebbs and flows of the movement, to deepen our analysis of the struggle and the systems of power we struggle against. A place where we can build our politics and create strategy and that can act to share our ideas with others whom we are in struggle with.

With Especifista we hope to add our contribution to these goals, however modest.

Passed by hand to those we work and organize with first and foremost, we hope this publication can be the beginning of a dialogue with those we share these values with.

“We carry a new world, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute