We created this mission statement at our founding retreat. This was way before we started calling our retreats, conferences. Some of the details in our Mission Statement still need to be worked out and decided on. Those you will see in brackets and parentheses. The mission statement came about after nearly a year of attempting to create an organization. The mission statement not only represents our values and pieces of our political visions but is also represents the official formation of our group.

We are a political organization of people inspired by revolutionary popular movements and the idea of Especifismo. This is the practice of a specifically anarchist organization working in mass movements to promote and reinforce their popular essence.

We believe the body of society can heal itself. We intend to act as a catalyst, not a cure, not a vanguard, but instead empowering people as much as possible to develop movements from the bottom up. If the tools of social change are in the hands of every person, revolution is possible.

We actively practice feminism and anti-racism. They are more than just theories; they are at the center of our practice.

We believe direct action is necessary to bring about the world we envision, a world in which the people have collective ownership of the means of production, assuring meaningful and fulfilling work where everyone can fully develop their intellectual and creative abilities.

Having control over our own bodies, we will also embrace the multitude of genders and sexualities. We believe in self-determination, especially by colonized peoples. [We desire a social organization in which we] develop a sustainable relationship with the land. We aim to organize ourselves as revolutionaries, developing our skills and strategy to which we can apply our energy.

We aim to work with other people with whom we share political affinity as well as inspire new conscious revolutionaries (tabled proposal: “we aim to work with other people with whom we share political affinity as well as inspire people to become conscious revolutionaries”). We aim to build a new base for anarchism that is rooted in the struggles of everyday folk. Together we will build a political home, a place for discussion and creation of a vision to guide the organizing efforts of revolutionaries, and a place for reflection, development, and growth.

Our members work within student, community, and labor struggles. A primary goal of our organization is to link these different struggles, disseminate information about them, and learn revolutionary strategy and theory from the people and their movements.