Title: Hillsborough — the truth about the tragedy
Date: 1998
Source: Retrieved on May 14, 2013 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in Organise! Issue 49 — Summer-Autumn 1998.

Few people, particularly Merseysiders, will have forgotten the events of April 15th 1989, when 96 football fans died at Hillsborough. The survivors and the relatives of the dead certainly haven’t forgotten, however much the state wishes they would. Rather, after nine years of struggling to find the truth about the events of that day, after nine years of facing all the obstacles put before them and after nine years of having to deal with police lying and manipulation, they continue to seek justice. They have no doubt where the responsibility for the Hillsborough events lie- with the South Yorkshire Police.

The Survivors, Relatives and Supporters for Justice Campaign are taking the struggle to the streets but they need your support. They expect no help from the state. As they say ‘The establishment have never trodden softly on our dreams. They have, time after time, trampled and crushed them underfoot, in the hope that they would die in the same manner as our loved ones...rather than admit their guilt.’