Title: No War But The Class War
Date: 1998
Source: Retrieved on May 14, 2013 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in Organise! Issue 48 — Spring 1998.

As we go to press, it looks as though a negotiated “peace” has been obtained by the United Nations with Iraq, ruling out the likelihood of bombing raids by the US-British alliance. But the sanctions continue, and it is these sanctions which have caused more deaths than the 1991 Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm, through starvation and disease. Many parts of the Iraqi civilian infrastructure are still in ruins, medical supplies are scarce, and there are many water-borne diseases circulating. The end of the 1991 Gulf War did not mean peace, just as the negotiated settlement does not mean peace. The suffering continues for the mass of the Iraqi people, whilst the ruling elite continues to lead a life of luxury. The sanctions remain in place, backed up by a massive military presence, and the Anglo-American alliance retaining the right to take military action against Iraq whenever it feels necessary.

In the run-up to the possible war, Britain and the USA mounted massive propaganda campaigns, highlighting the massive and deadly arsenal of chemical and biological weapons that the Saddam regime was supposed to possess. But, as came to light, “United Nations inspectors do not know where Saddam Hussein’s chemical or biological weapons are hidden, or even whether they exist in usable form, Whitehall sources admitted...” (Guardian 5 Feb). Both Britain and the US were aware that “public opinion” was against any new Gulf war, and that massive anti-war mobilisations could take place, just as they did last time, they are also aware of a reluctance by its former allies to take part in any further wars which is motivated by political logic. The European bloc led by France and Germany needs to build its own influence in the Middle East. It chooses to do this through “diplomacy”, as the military option has already been taken by the USA. The British government’s backing for the USA show the contradictory position it is in, as it seeks to both be a close ally of the US and be influential in the European Union. For our part, we must work to stop any of the power blocs’ plans for war and mass destruction through mass mobilisations on an international level. No War But the Class War!