Title: Anarchist Decalogue
Topic: manifesto
Date: June 1930
Source: https://www.libertarian-labyrinth.org/working-translations/anarchist-decalogue-1930/
Notes: “Décalogue anarchiste,” L’en dehors No. 184/185 (mid-June, 1930): 7. Working translation by Shawn P. Wilbur

There circulates in Mexico, in anonymous form, a tract whose content is as follows:


  1. The whole world is your homeland. Its inhabitants should be neither masters nor slaves. Be neither one nor the other. —

  2. The land, factories, mines, etc., belong to those who work them. —

  3. You shall not vote and you shall not recognize the validity of any election: you shall have no god but your conscience. —

  4. You shall accept not government and you shall govern no one; you shall venerate neither governments nor their laws. —

  5. You shall not accept militarism and you shall not be a soldier; you shall not respect those who wear the uniform. —

  6. You shall pay neither rents, nor tributes, nor taxes of any sort, in particular those demanded by the government or through violence. —

  7. You shall respect neither Law, nor Code, nor any Command and you shall obey only the dictates of your heart. —

  8. You shall work the land freely; you shall not purchase it, nor rent it, nor exploit it under any condition. —

  9. You shall annihilate the circulation of money, practicing the free exchange of products and activities. —-

  10. All weapons must be in the hands of the peasants and workers, in order to defend their cause, but they will break and destroy them when they have obtained their complete emancipation.”