Title: The Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean has been born!
Date: 27 March 2015
Source: Retrieved on 5th March 2023 from libcom.org

After several months of preparation and preliminary discussions, a congress took place which approved the founding of the Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean (FACC).

We, comrades from various countries and groups of the region of Central America and the Caribbean , along with local and international observers, gathered in the city of Santiago de los Cabaleros (Dominican Republic) on 21–22 March 2015 in order to exchange ideas, get to know each other, and identify points of difference and agreement.

We are announcing our satisfaction with the founding of the FACC as a vehicle for solidarity and cooperation between anarchists of the region, overcoming the limitations of frontiers imposed on us by capitalism and by states. This federation of different tendencies aims to encourage connections between the various collectives of the region and its diaspora.

The original members making up the Federation are: the Libertarian Seminar of Alfredo López (TLAL) of Cuba; the Kiskeya Libertaria (Dominican); and comrades from Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Bonaire and Miami. (There are groups which wanted to participate in the FACC, including those which hope to become members, but which, for various reasons, were not able to be represented.) We would like to express our gratitude for assistance with various aspects of the congress and for its participation to the Black Rose (USA) anarchist federation, a member of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA).

The FACC is based on principles of consensus, solidarity , and recognition of the diversity of individuals and collectives both in ideology and practice. It will concentrate on critical actions and research within the confines of the Caribbean and Central America and, as a federation, it will be organized horizontally.

In accordance with decisions arrived at by consensus, participants of the congress agreed to the following criteria for membership:

  • individual and/or collective have declared themselves anarchists.

  • individual or collective act in a horizontal fashion.

  • one of the active members of the Federation vouches for the individual or collective applying for membership.

  • there is unanimity in consensus concerning the acceptance of the individual or collective as a member of the Federation.

  • a maximum period of two months is allowed for reaching or not reaching a consensus among the members and issuing a response to the applicant for membership in the Federation.

At the present moment the Federation has a Liaison Committee (Comité de comunicaciones) formed by consensus, and three other committees formed by volunteers: Anti-repression Committee, Anti-nationalist Committee and Committee for Self-management.

The creation of the Federation marks a turning point in the history of the anarchist movement in this region, as never before has there existed a vehicle for sharing experiences and critical collaboration.
We have chosen the road of freedom and horizontality [horizontalidad] and hope that comrades from all over who are close to us will accompany us on this new path to the ancient, but eternally renewed, ideal – anarchy!

– Comité de comunicaciones F.A.C.C.