Title: Far-right Militants Did Not Allow to Honor Annual Death Day of Putin Regime Victims
Topics: fascism, Russia, Ukraine
Date: January 16, 2016
Source: Retrieved on 16th December 2021 from avtonomia.net

Anarchist January 19 committee canceled carrying of anti-fascist event in Kyiv. Taking into consideration the tangible advantage of far-right militants, which in groups were located near the place of a rally, and taking care for event participants’ safety, the accountables for the event coordinated a retreat. All participants and visitors safely left for homes. On the same day in Kyiv there were attempts to carry another anti-fascist event, which ended up with confrontation with a numerous group of far-right militants, including the ones who related to so-called Civilian Corps of Azov regiment.

The reasons for the aggressive attitude to anti-fascist events by far-right groups were, except for purely ideological antagonism, ridiculous claims about support for separatists. far-right media called to punish anti-fascists as bearers of pro-Kremlin dispositions, which is an apparent attempt to blame the enemies for their own sins.

Taking into consideration the claims on “pro-Russian position” of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova, and also quite a positive attitude towards their murderers from the neo-Nazi organization BORN (Military Organization of Russian Nationalists), conducted from the Kremlin, one can make a conclusion that truth has no value for far-right militants. Anyone can discover the views of fallen Russian anti-fascists from their own texts, where anti-imperialistic and anti-regime position towards Russian Federation is unambiguously stated. Baburova was the citizen of Ukraine. Markelov was a trial lawyer defending family of Elza Kungayeva, a Chechen girl raped and murdered by the war criminal Budanov. While confronting the event near Zhovten cinema hall, Azov CC disciples expressed their support for Russian militants, in particular for Budanov, who, as they said, “was right to kill black people”.

Hatred towards anti-regime Russian antifascists can be explained with connections of some part of Ukrainian far-rightist with BORN, which is not limited to common sympathy. So, close to BORN Russian neo-Nazis Roman “Zuhel” Zheleznov and Alexey Baranovsky now live in Ukraine and are cooperating with local far-right community. Identified as member Alexander Parinov is in Ukraine as well. He is known to cooperate with Azov.

Roman “Zuhel” Zheleznov, who is directly involved in organizing counter-actions to performing anti-fascist events on 19th of January, is also close to Azov. Before emigrating to Ukraine, Zuhel was liable to the criminal case on attack on Russian anti-fascist Matvey Tal, also upon his statement he was BORN’s whistleblower and finger man and never felt sorry for any murder he was in any way accessorial. Also he was a member of Maksim “Tesak” Martsinkevich’s Restruct organization, infamous project, which openly collaborated with Kremlin. Restruct gained the right to commit unpunished violence with the work on discreditation and physical intimidation of Russian opposition. Tesak “worked” in Ukraine as well: during Euromaidan he and his friends expressed active unsupport for European integration, which, in their opinion, was the ground for “perversions” and “paedophilia”, and before this he tried to establish in Ukraine his project on attacks on LGBTs.

So, the accomplice of the murders, directed from Kremlin, the neo-Nazi, the accessory of severe criminal cases, the one who did belong to pro-regime organizations and movements, directs Ukrainian far-right militants and disrupts local anti-fascist events. Why pro-Kremlin Nazi imposes their orders on Ukraine? Who is behind this, who covers them up?

In texts of Ukrainian far-right militants is claimed that their Russian comrades, like BORN, in fact have anti-regime dispositions and that is why they fight on Ukrainian side. But it is a lie. Most BORN members expressed public support for Putin’s misadventure in the East of Ukraine – for example, direct murderers of Stanislav and Anastasia.. Goryachev, the BORN leader, claimed that his legal organization Russian Image, which served for covering up the BORN’s political activity, even had its own unit among “rebel men”, and Russian Image itself in 2013 created а local branch in Donetsk from the members of the separatist group Donetsk Republic.

It is important to note that far-right militants were not a significant obstacle for the anti-fascist events on January 19 in Kharkiv, Lviv, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Only in Kyiv far-right militants leaded by Russian neo-Nazi took to the streets to demonstrate “no sight of any neo-Nazi danger” to dozens of journalists.

Arguably, the far-right militants, after unsuccessful attempts to gain a foothold in big-league politics, return to their usual state of being as a marginal street movement. This can be concluded from their return to the practices of subcultural violence, against each of political opponents and people of color. The idea of “racial war”, no respect for human life and dignity, a wish to establish a military dictatorship – these views are unacceptable for a free society. Even if far-right militants can not build their desired “true junta” – violent “police” actions towards peaceful assemblies and readiness to use violence make them dangerous not only for political activists, but also for everyone who treasures one’s freedom.