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APOC I-69 Resister Arrested

April 2009

      Background on the arrest:

      Update 4/26:

Background on the arrest:

In what appears to be the culmination of a several year long case the state has been building against I-69 resistance, two Indiana residents, Tiga and Hugh, were arrested this afternoon. Although the charges against the two include individual acts, for the majority they are trumped up charges of conspiracy – fairly explicitly, conspiracy to collectively organize, to challenge environmental and social devastation perpetrated by the state and capital – leveled against any (not easily recuperative) movement against I-69. Although it appears that no other warrants have been issued, that for now no other individuals will be facing the severe penalties these charges carry, it must be noted that this brash move by the state is a most blatant affront to any initiative towards social organization.

Tiga, a long time Indiana resident, was arrested early today as she appeared in Gibson County court on charges stemming from anti-I-69 actions this past summer. The arrest was made by the Indiana State Police, including Officer Brad Chandler, a particularly slimy scumbag whose full time job it is to harass environmental activists. Tiga is being held on $10,000 cash bond by the state police on five charge: 2 counts of intimidation, 2 counts of conversion (all misdemeanors) and 1 count of corrupt business influence (a class C felony). She is currently being held in the Pike County jail ( 812-354-6024 ), though it’s possible she’ll be moved around.

A couple hours after Tiga was accosted at the courthouse, Hugh was arrested in northern Indiana by a US marshal driving an unmarked vehicle. Rather than pulling over the vehicle Hugh was traveling in, the cop trailed the car for some unknown duration waiting for it to stop, then arrested Hugh outside of a gas station. He was then taken to join Tiga in the Pike County jail, where he is being held on $20,000 cash bond. His charges are the same as Tiga’s, though many of the details of their warrants differ.

Clearly, lots of help is needed to come up with the $30,000 bond. Whether or not we can get this figure lowered (included in the state’s reasoning about having such a high bond was the fact that Hugh was known to distribute anarchist literature), much financial support will be needed for legal fees, as the two fight charges carrying a maximum of eight years.

These arrests are an obvious continuance and escalation of the harassment of anti-I-69 activities in southern Indiana. People in both Evansville and Bloomington have been systematically targeted by myriad law enforcement agencies from throughout the state as well as by federal agencies. Nearly 20 folks are still held captive by the court system, facing both criminal and civil legal pressures stemming from last summer. As the state tries to squash its opposition by ensnaring individuals in isolating court cases, by monitoring and threatening individuals to try to pinpoint ‘leaders’ or groups responsible, it is important to recognize that every such instance of individual repression is easily and effectively repression of all resistance. To counter such repression with honest reflection on its functioning and on how action might challenge rather than support this repression, is to stand in solidarity with Tiga and Hugh, with the best things they or we might fight for.

Update 4/26:

We’ve been able to talk to both Hugh and Tiga recently…both are doing well and are keeping their spirits high. We are well on our way to raising the bail money for them, but still need quite a bit of help and will continue to need support for legal fees. Please see the donations and contact page for info on how to help. We’ve learned that they are going to be arrained either Monday the 27th or Tuesday the 28th in the Pike County Courthouse. As well, we’ve learned that visiting hours for Tiga are from 6:30 to 7:30 on Mondays and Hugh’s are 6:30-7:30 on Wednesdays at the Pike County Jail. They can receive mail at the jail, using the address:

their complete (legal) name, c/o Pike County Jail, 400 Main St., Petersburg, IN, 47567.

Please note, though, that we intend to have them both out this week, so any mail you send should be sent immediately, so they get it before they’re released. That’s it for now….