Title: The Brick
Subtitle: poem
Author: Anonymous
Date: September, 1968
Source: Black & Red Number 1, September 1968, page 54
Notes: Scanned from original.

BLACK AND RED is a brick. It is hurled at:

plate-glass windows, fencing around showcases of plenty for starving millions: meat wrapped in paper behind easily shattered glass;

crew-cut corporate heads; the pot-bellied parasites whose victims people all the continents;

the ugly eagle that shits dollars all over the world;

the small glass-screened propaganda machines: media of mindlessness, trivia, vicarious living and middle-class morality;

the advocates of “Law, Order and the American Way,” and their vicious watchdogs, Superman, Batman and Minuteman;

the profiteering Masters of War and their striped and freckled Symbol.





O Dinosaur with feeble mind, this brick is hurled at thee,

To shatter plate-glass meat displays which veil your poverty.

You ugly, Dollar-dropping Eagle, Batman, Superman,

To crown your crew-cut corporate head, the black-red brick is hurled.


Your pickled half-men, experts all, in think tanks plan the end,

While trivia media, mindless screens, intoxicate the rest

Blind Dinosaur with feeble brain your reign is at its end.

Your striped and freckled Symbol falls, destroyed by Black and Red.