Title: A History of Expropriative Anarchism
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2021
Source: Retrieved from https://write.as/v0vllnokwnay6.md

A — What is Expropriation?

Expropriation is the action of returning the stolen wealth back to the people

B — What is an Expropriative Anarchist?

Expropriative anarchists are those who utilize militant actions to fund or build revolution which involved theft, robbery, scams and counterfeiting currency

C — What is the difference between Expropriative Anarchism and Illegalism?

Illegalists advocate for individual illegal action, expropriative anarchists advocate for illegal action in the cause of a revolution or insurrection

D — What are the history of Expropriative Anarchism?

Rewolucyjni Mściciele (1910–1914)[Poland] — The Revolutionary Avengers was a guerilla militant anarchist group who early adopted Expropriation into their philosophy and operation. They have been called one of the most extreme militant group in Polish history.

Los Solidarios (1922–1924)[Spain] — one of the earliest Expropriative Anarchist group famous in the Bank of Spain Robbery (September 1923), they were even dubbed as “the kings of Barcelona’s workers pistol.”

Buenaventura Durruti (1896–1936)[Spain] — The legend of Revolutionary Catalonia had a start in bank robbery. He carried out bank robberies in Chile and Argentina.

Francisco Ascaso (1901–1936)[Spain] — Ascaso was a member of Los Solidarios, and a companion of Durruti during their years as bank robbers and in their final days of Catalonia.

Severino Di Giovanni (1901–1931)[Italy] — Di Giovanni played an important role in the solidarity for the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti. He planned the bombing of a Mussolini’s secret police. In October 1930, he stormed the Obras Sanitarias de la Nación and took 286,000 pesos for the plan to free his comrade Alejandro Scarfó.

Miguel Arcángel Roscigna (1891–1936)[Argentina] — a blacksmith and militant Italian anarchist who was active in Argentina expropriative scene.

Lucio Urtubia Jiménez (1931–2020)[Spain] — the most well-known Expropriative Anarchist in history with records of bank robbery, resistance and forgery. He forged thousands of Citibank travellers’ checks in 1977 to fund revolutionary groups like the Black Panther Party. Lucio’s trusty companion was an M1921 Thompson in bank heists, left to him by Quico Sabaté.

E — History of Anarchists Who Aligned with Expropriative Anarchism

Hack Back/Subcowmandate Marcos/Phineas Fisher (2019)[unknown] — a mysterious hacker who referred themselves as a revolutionary anarchist, was also behind a string of hacks on FinFisher, Hacking Team, AKP, Mossos d’Esquadra and the recent major one, the Cayman National Bank and Trust where they withdrawn thousands of dollar from the target and used it for hacktivist bug bounty. The first bounty was given to the person behind MilicoLeaks, a hack on Chilean military.

Tillie Kottmann/deletescape/tillie crimew (2021)[Switzerland] — They hacked the security company Verkada and leaked data of prison footage from 150,000 cameras. They were also behind the source code hack that dumped hundreds source codes of proprietary data from major corporations.

Paige Adele Thompson/netcrave (2019)[US] — She was behind the hack of Capital One that leaked 100 million data.

Jeremy Hammond/Sup_g/Anarchaos (2011)[US] — former Lulzsec member behind the Stratfor hack. After taking the data and wiping their server, the group took thousand of credit cards and donated the money to charity.

Crackas With Attitude (2015)[international] — a group of hacktivists who specialized in social engineering and used it to access the personal emails of CIA director John Brennan, DNI director James Clapper and thousands of FBI employees.

Phish Architect (2020)[unknown] — an anarchist who leaked property management and realtor targets such as Proptiger, DirectHomes, Remax.

Walter Delgatti Neto (2020)[Brazil] — The social engineer who exploited Telegram’s flaw to infiltrate and dump all data of Bolsonaro’s group chat.

F — Non-Anarchists who aligned with Expropriation

Blekingegade Gang (1972–1989)[Denmark] — Marxist militant working group and bank robbers who behind high-profile money truck’s heists in Denmark to fund revolutionary groups like PFLP, Black Panther Party, Liberation Support Movement, FRELIMO, MPLA, etc. They also had broken into a Swedish armory and took weapons and munitions, planned to smuggle them to the PFLP.

Papas Fritas (2014)[Chile] — an artist who break into a defunct university’s vault to take all $500mil worth of student debts and burned them all in public.