There exists no escape from reality. This totalitarian reality, which claims to be definitive, and tries to prevent any rejection or deviation from the one-way attitude imposed by political and economic power. This reality, which brings all perspectives back to the sad parables of economic growth and opinion polls. This reality, which has infested all corners of life with police blocks and surveillance cameras, alarm sirens and safety limits.

But this miserable world from which we cannot escape is decomposing before our eyes. And when air fills with tensions it is sufficient a small spark to provoke an explosion. This is why today the State is compelled to repress anyone opposing it, and in some cases even those who just dare tell it off for its bad administration. Because any protest, even the most banal one, is a match that can light up.

And no government, no party can control the wind.

Once again the response of the State was, on June 13, operation Ardire and then new investigations: dozens anarchists got arrested, investigated, searched. A warning to everyone because heads must be kept down, mouths must shut up, eyes must close. But this is a warning we never accept.

Among the prisoners of this world, we draw our strength from non participation, defection, abstention from all duties they want us to perform, constant conflict with the institutions.

And we’ll keep on maintaining that if we can’t escape from this reality we can attack it in its countless wrinkles of expression. Alone or in company, in the day or in the night, by words or by deeds.

Can you hear? The wind is rising…