Title: Experiment
Author: Anonymous
Date: Autumn 2018
Source: Translated for The Local Kids, Issue 2
Notes: First appeared as Experiment in Aufruhr (Anarchistisches Blatt, Zürich), Volume 1 - Issue 10, August 2013

We want a rupture with this society. This society, which consists of totally institutionalized relationships which are completely exposed to exploitation by the market, and which keep us from experiencing free relationships. We want a rupture with this society, to put an end to it. And to make room for the experiment. For the free experiment in all areas of life and on a social level. For an experiment that is possible only in open hostility with the dominant society (and its defenders), which allows the experiment only in a closed framework, and only for as far as money can be made from it.

We say that free life is possible only in and through an experiment, a permanent experiment that blows up the boundaries of domination (and isolation). On the grounds that the dominant civilization sets before us, the only possible free social experiment is that of its destruction. The destruction of all the institutions that make our oppression possible.

The experiment that we want to make possible - but which, in a sense, is already brewing today in every revolt - is an insurgent and revolutionary one. The outcome of each experiment is uncertain (but this is equally true of the authoritarian projects from those who believe they can control everything). Although, with an experiment, we also really mean that the significance lies not only in the success, but also in the failure. In failing; to learn and go further. That the significance lies in the attempt, in the persistent attempt.

The experiment that we seek in the rupture with this society is that of the free development of each individual. Through and in association with others. And through the destruction of all obstacles, therefore: of everything that is or wants to become an institution. Institution is just standardized development, domination. That I have spoken before of social experiment, implies precisely that something as static as the society becomes impossible because something like the institution and the passivity that goes with it cannot take root. Clearly everything always tends to establish itself, to become static. What we need, therefore, is a completely new approach to life. One that does not allow the institutionalization of relationships. One that throws overboard the whole of morality and the prejudices that we learn during our upbringing. So that the terrain is free for the individuals. So that everyone can find the strength to throw overboard everything that turns out to be another form of bondage.