Title: Not everything is following its normal course
Author: Anonymous
Source: Retrieved on November 26, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr

Everything is going as per usual. Every morning millions of people drag themselves towards their working place where they will get humiliated, numbed, exploited for the most part of the day. The media blare the words of the bosses, the politicians and specialists through their screens and loudspeakers. People without papers are locked up in asylum camps and deported; others reach their hands out to the places where there is an abundance of money and are promptly convicted for it and locked up in prison.

Everything is as usual. More and more people’s existence is being reduced to calculations: calculating whether there will be enough money to pay the rent; counting down how many hours and days they will still be locked up in the school classes and prisons; overestimating the importance of numbers indicating the state of pollution this planet is in, how many people die at or because of their job, how many refuges die at the borders or the police station; saying to themselves, while holding the law book in their hands, that the prize of revolt is too high. But there are people who break the normal course of things and the accountant existence. People who do not wait any longer for revolting against what destroys them. People who slap their bosses in the face. People who rebel against the guards of their existence and put fire to the prison in which they are locked up. People who do not put down their eyes for a uniform, a costume, a priest’s garb.

On the 6th of October 2009, a debate was organised by different fascist student groups at the college of Gent. They proclaimed their message of hatred and authority under the protection of an impressive police force.

Shortly after the debate, four fascist leaders were beaten down in the street while fire was put on different places in the city centre during the night.

While here and there garbage cans vanished into smoke, fire was put on cars, two cash withdrawals (ATMs) and construction sites. Fire damaged a cash withdrawal of the Fortis/BNPbank and somewhere else one of the banks of the Post, which manages the accounts of prisons and closed centres. Flames were licking at the construction material of, amongst others, a construction site of Besix, the company which is at the moment constructing a new prison for people without papers in Steenokkerzeel. As well, many windows of the palace of justice (where everyday judges enforce tens of years of imprisonment) were broken. A few of these facts caused the arrest of two comrades, Jürgen and Paolo. At this moment they sit behind bars awaiting their trial. However it does not interest us if they are guilty or not of the charges the state accuses them of. After all, the language of the judges will not have any bearing on those who carry the struggle for freedom in their hearts.

When we find the determination to quit going through live on our knees we make it difficult for things to continue as per usual. And despite all of their cops, judges and prisons, they will never break this determination.

Freedom for Jürgen and Paolo, freedom for all!

Against all authority, for anarchy.