Title: Rail sabotage in ‘BC’ – in solidarity with Palestine and Wet’suwet’en
Author: Anonymous
Date: Dec 30 2023
Source: https://bccounterinfo.org/2023/12/30/rail-sabotage-in-bc-in-solidarity-with-palestine-and-wetsuweten/

At the end of October 2023, in the quietest hours of the night, a small group quickly secured a blockade to the CN rail lines in “bc”, near the Hope area.

The blockade consisted of a 100-pound iron work table vice – whose jaws were tightened directly to the rail – topped with a several hundred pound pile of chain and scrap metal.

On one side of the gigantic work-table vice was painted “FREE GAZA” in red. On the other side was painted “CGL OFF THE YINTAH”. The blockade was secured to a curving stretch of rail in the forest, near no residences. CN freight trains churn through this area multiple times per hour. The blockade was fixed immediately after a train passed, to give the most time for safe work.

Only two rail lines carry the entire freight system in so-called “bc” – CN, and CP. Their routes overlap in a large area in Secwepemc territory, between hope and kamloops. referred to by officials as a ‘choke point’ for the government’s freight system – its resource extraction supply lines. If both of these lines are disrupted or shut down simultaneously, the whole rail freight system in the ‘province’ shuts down. Let us get to work.

Please dump stuff on the rails. The more trash, broken glass, and scrap litters the rails, the more gummed up the works will get.

While we are taking the steps to send this anonymous communique – we wish to encourage tactics beyond boycotts. It is great to stop giving genocidal companies our money. Now it is time to take another step, and start taking money from these companies. The recent mass food reclamation at a Whole Foods in occupied Lenapehoking, so-called New York, is a great example.

You’ve stopped going to starbucks – now start going back to starbucks to steal and destroy their merchandise. Disrupt their profits in increasingly direct ways. Taping the edge of a small razor blade to a credit card can make the tool inconspicuous, and small hidden razors are great for cutting open coffee bags, tearing up products, while appearing to simply handle and peruse the wares.

Containers of used cooking oil are great to pour on books / paper products in stores that support genocide. Oil up your local Indigo for example – target the most expensive wares possible. Carry the oil around in a fancy looking reusable water bottle or coffee cup, or in tiny vials that fit in the palm of your hand.

Stop throwing out old food scraps, especially meat – make stink bombs instead. Put the food in firmly sealed containers and let them rot in heat. When ready, subtly dump the contents indoors in businesses you want to disrupt.

get together, get creative, and get out there