Title: Smash Teal Jones
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2016
Source: Retrieved February 16th, 2022 https://bcblackout.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/smashtealjones2016-web.pdf
Notes: More info → momentofinsurrection.wordpress.com/201 /05/05/anarchists-in-the-woods-then-again

The murderers of Earth have names and addresses. They are on the wrong side of history... on the wrong side of the war. This conflict does not fit easily into any environmental NGO’s marketing campaign. This is an uncontrollable insurrection for survival, subsistence, dignity and freedom. A struggle against the boundless horrors and humiliations of industrialization and commodification, of which Teal Jones is just one especially disgusting example. This is a call from your friends in the woods... calling all forest ninja crews, lone wolves, wild cats and raccoons...Keepin’ up with the Joneses...

  • Teal-Jones is the largest privately held forest products company on the BC coast, wholly owned by CEO Tom Jones and his brother COO Dick Jones (pictured). They are sons of Jack Jones who founded the company in 1946. They proudly trace their settler history to their great-great-grandfather, who began his logging career in the colony of BC in the 1860s. Tom’s wife Holly, his daughter April Choquette, and son Chad also work for the company, as do Dick’s daughters and sons Shelley Schmidt, John Gardner, Alan and Mandy Jones.

  • Some other parasites running this death squad include: Hanif Karmally (VP & CFO), Mark Carter (Operations Planner), John Burch (VP sales/marketing)

  • Estimated annual revenue: $57.5 million

  • The head office and milling operations are located between the Fraser River and Triggs Road in North Surrey, at the eastern terminus of the recently constructed Hwy 17/SFPR (part of the Pacific Gateway highway and port expansion megaprojects)

    • Corporate Main Office: 17897 Triggs Road, Surrey, BC, V4N 4M8, Tel: 604-587-8700 Fax: 604-581-6162 Toll Free: 1-888-995-8325 Website: tealjones.com Email: info@tealjones.com Media Inquiries: communications@tealjones.com Sales: sales@tealjones.com Online contact form: tealjones.com/contact-us

  • Locations on Vancouver Island:

    • Honeymoon Bay Operations (HBO): 9376 South Shore Rd, Mesachie Lake, BC, V0R 2N0, Tel: 250-749-4510, Fax: 250-749-4511

    • Duke Point Log Sort: 750 Jackson Rd, Nanaimo, BC, V9X 1J2, Tel: 250- 722–3160 — Other locations in BC:

    • Sandspit Logging: 423 Beach Road, Sandspit, BC, Tel: 604-587-8700

    • Salmon Arm Mill: 4051 45st SE, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4N3, Tel: 250- 832–9777

    • Revelstoke Block Mill: Revelstoke, BC

USA operations:

  • Sumas Planer Mill: 523 West Front St, Sumas, WA, 98295, Tel: 360- 988–0468, Fax: 360-988-0568

  • Southern Yellow Pine: 417838 E 1950 Rd, Antlers, OK, 74523, Tel: 580-298-2470, Fax: 580-298-9865. Website: tealjones.com/our- products/southern-yellow-pine Sales Rep: Stephanie Deupree, Tel: 580-298-2470 ext 3307, Fax: 580-298-9865 sdeupree@tealjones.com Recent Resistance & Rabble Rousing

  • Late July 2016: Hundreds of people gather at Kaxi:ks (Big River) for a Convergence at the bridge over the river in the Heart of the Walbran (pictured below). This marks 25 years since the last major battle to defend this sacred place, and renews fighting spirits for the coming conflict. Pacheedaht elder Bill Jones and the family of deceased Pacheedaht warrior Harriet Nahanee are there to dedicate a new trail into one of the proposed cutblocks.The MC opens the event by boldly stating that anarchists were instrumental in kicking off resistance in 1991 and that indigenous people and settlers working together have the power to defeat Teal Jones.

  • Summer 2016 sees a steady increase in visitors to the valley, banner drops in various locations, and strategizing for future confrontation with the enemy. To date one of the cutblocks in the Heart of the Walbran has been approved, so the threat of devastation is very real.

  • Late 2015/Early 2016: A permanent camp is established in the Heart of the Walbran. At least one person is arrested for violating a court injunction granting Teal Jones a buffer zone around nearby logging (the injunction has since expired). Blockaders also temporarily prevent the logging trucks from unloading at Teal Jones’ Duke Point Log Sort in Nanaimo. — Late 2014: News breaks that Teal Jones has applied for large clearcuts throughout the Central Walbran ancient forest. Above: recent clearcutting by Teal Jones near the Heart of the Walbran. Like pretty much all scum sucking capitalists these days, Teal Jones claims to be “environmentally responsible” and fully in compliance with the government’s hollowed out, bullshit environmental regulations, a farce which only serves to legitimize genocide and give it a friendlier face. We won’t insult anyone’s intelligence or waste time picking apart the multitude of blatant lies in these pathetic attempts to market “sustainable logging”. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Below: Central Walbran Ancient Forest, home to species at risk including marbled murrelets, Queen Charlotte goshawks, red-legged frogs, Vaux’s swifts, and Keen’s long-eared myotis, as well as cougars, wolves, black bears, elk, black-tailed deer, steelhead, and coho salmon. This valley has been lovingly cared for by generations of people, and for such a wild and grandiose place, it has a warm and inviting charm... and a feeling of having been inhabited and cherished. A place where one can do just about anything they could desire such as camp communally, dip in emerald swimming holes, wander breathtaking trails, hunt for karst caves, or just hide away somewhere in the vastness of it all. Resignation is death. Resistance is life. The secret is to really begin...

Blast from the past! Action reports from resistance to ecocide in the Elaho Valley (Squamish Territory) Lava Creek Illegal Actions 1999:

disclaimer: this timeline has been supplied by the multinational scum-sucking parasites at Interfor. Words pertaining to vandalism would be best referred to as forms of creative artistic reconstruction in the passion of rage. All work stoppages are because of people’s fierce determination regardless of what is noted otherwise.

Aug 09: protest camp established. Tree sitter. Work shut down.

Aug 10: tree sitter. Shut down for fire hazard.

Aug 11: camp around drill rig. Three tree sitters.

Aug 12: court order read. Camp moved to south side of lava creek. Shut down for fire hazard

Aug 13–16: roadblocks removed. Tree sitters. Cannot work.

Aug 17: two tree sitters. Cannot work. 22 RCMP/6 vehicles/helicopter/2 dog/2 ambulances/3 search and rescue. 1 arrested.

Aug 18: sitter. Cannot work. 20 RCMP (tactical squad). 1 arrested

Aug 19: work by drill delayed ½ day. Seven defy court order. About 6 RCMP. 5 arrested. Tree sitter remained.

Aug 20: work on Br. E 1081 stopped by tree sitter. 1 arrested. Tree sitter remained.

Aug 21: blasting delayed due to whistling in trees.

Aug 23: drill rig vandalized overnight. Batteries ruined/grind wheel broken/grease in cab. Cayenne pepper spread around. Drilled holes filled. Right of way flagging removed, fallers cannot work. Two RCMP. Tree sitter stays overnight.

Aug 24: drill still inoperable. Replacement tree sitter is arrested. 6 RCMP

Aug 30: drill rig vandalized. High-pressure hose cut. Tree sitter, “Gumshee”, prevents excavator from operating. Cannot work.

Aug 31: tree sitter disappeared. 7 RCPM/1 dog/2 vehicles/helicopter.

Sep 05: bridge blocked. Driller cannot get to work. 3 RCMP. 3 arrested (1 for assault on RCMP)

Sep 12: arrestee left voice message, “beat you up in front of your children”.

Sep 14: lava Creek Bridge abutment dug up. Bridge blocked by boulders & logs. tree sitter arrested.

(ed. Note: this is when over 70 Interfor workers attacked the camp, destroyed everything & sent 3 to hospital)

Sep 16: road culvert blocked up with rocks; locks placed on explosive magazine.

Sep 26: Volvo gravel truck windshield smashed, instruments destroyed and spray painted/gravel truck 1 flat tire/shop truck 4 flat tiers, compressor destroyed/court order sign stolen/blasting sign removed/ lava Creek bride approach dug up/feces in drill cap/rock & log debris on road.

Sep 29: road blocked at gate. Cannot work.

Sep 30: blockade removed by RCMP. Betty Krawczyk arrested.

Oct 2: Interfor Employees’ pledge banner stolen from trees at 22 mile. Lava Creek Illegal Actions 2000:

Feb 17: “The Lorax” claims to have spiked 100’s of trees in Elaho Valley.

May 04: Elaho Logging chainsaws vandalized. RCMP investigation.

May 15: gate blockaded at 20 mile. 2 arrested.

Jun 05: blockade at 38 mile, barbed wired log and rock tripod and barriers- all day – loss of work. 1 arrested/10 RCMP

Jun 13–16: protesters in block 102–51 disrupting & stopping falling

Jun 19: trench across Lava Bridge, protesters in 102–51. Stopped falling.

Jul 10: blocked at 102–51, block boundary markings painted over or removed.

Jul 26: protester arrested for interfering with RCMP operations.Jul 25–28: barbwire, log, rock, and old truck barricade on lava Creek Bridge. (ed. Note: RCMP nearly kills 3 tree sitters when they cut the support line to their sits.)

Jul 29-August 1: bridge blockade; numerous RCMP attend.

Aug 2: arrest of 3 tree sitters for mischief and intimidation and 3 counts of obstructing a police officer.

Aug 28: blockade at 38 mile, tripod on road. Loss of work all day. 1 arrested (mischief and intimidation).

Aug 29: vandalism; doors locks jammed on yarder & loader, grapple yarder tail block undone, high tension wire set loose- extremely dangerous. Graffiti on Demigner trail sign.

Sep 15: No.2 bridge: 220 spikes driven into surface. 75% have heads cut off.

Oct 3: Powerhouse Bridge spiked, (spike heads cut off) & debris/High Falls bridge spiked & debris/Chuck Chuck bridge spiked & debris/ Grader vandalism- all windows & lights smashed, tires flattened, hoses cut, radio smashed, glass put in fuel tank/ Water tank pulled off road/Shovelnose Bridge spiked & debris- log loader severely vandalized, all hoses and fillings cut, all instruments destroyed, gravel into hydraulics, radio stolen/Turbid Creek bridge spiked & vandalized/36 mile- debris over road for ½ mile/No.2 bridge spiked & debris- Approx. cost of vandalism $30.000.00

Nov 28: 25 new mileage markers removed over 24-mile stretch of road.

Nov 30: Elaho Earth First! Claim sabotage to generator; generator not working and believed to be tampering (material put into crankcase)

Press release: they plan more sabotage.

Communiqué from the Lorax: Wed. Feb. 16, 2000: The Lorax today took responsibility for spiking hundreds of ancient trees in the Elaho Valley, in areas approved for clear-cut logging this year. The purpose of the tree spiking is to protect grizzly bear habitat and to deter International Forest Products from clear-cutting this ancient coastal rainforest, located on Native land northwest of Whistler, BC. Hundreds of black bears and a small number of grizzlies inhabit the rugged mountains and canyons near the Elaho River. No one is likely to be injured as a result of the spikes. If Interfor decides to carry out its clear-cut plans, workers will have to find the spikes with metal detectors and remove them by hand. Most sawmills screen logs for foreign objects that may damage the saw. The Lorax encourages wood buyers worldwide to boycott InterFor. The company is destroying a unique cedar, hemlock and Douglas fir forest that is thousands of years old, without regard for wildlife, water quality or Native land claims. The Elaho River area is the southernmost remnant of grizzly bear habitat on the west coast of North America. Five and ten-inch spikes were driven into trees north of Mile 63 on the Elaho main and Elaho main West logging roads. An area north of Cessna Creek, and proposed roadways, were spiked along with the following cut blocks: 101–9, 101–52, 101-52A, 102-52B, 102–54, 102–55.

The Monkey Wrench gang Claims Sabotage in the Elaho Valley: An underground group known only as the Monkey Wrench Gang is claiming a recent act of sabotage in the Elaho Valley. George Hayduke, the group’s media liaison, says the gang recently crippled a giant generator owned by International Forest Products by pouring abrasives into the machines crankcase while it was running. “Sabotage is easy”, says Hayduke, “all you need is determination and a little grit”. Interfor, a Vancouver based corporation, holds the permit to log the upper Elaho Valley, an area of untouched ancient forest that includes the rare Elaho Giants, some of the oldest Douglas Firs in the world. The embattled logging company has provoked blockades, tree-spiking and worldwide boycotts because of its destructive practices. “Lets be clear about one thing, we are not the ‘peaceful protesters’”, Hayduke says, “standing on logging roads, climbing trees and waving signs is great. But this game is for keeps. We’re not going to hurt anyone, but we’re going to stop those goddamn machines’. To the best of our knowledge, no one was caught or arrested for any of the acts of sabotage listed here!

“NGOs [...] provide such a useful safety valve, preventing social tensions from becoming social struggles. NGOs turn revolutionaries into careerists, radical politics into office politics, struggles into bureaucracies.” – Peter Gelderloos: The Crisis as Pacification