Title: A Speech in District Court of Helsinki
Date: 11th of August 2004
Source: Retrieved on 3rd November 2021 from anttirautiainen.livejournal.com

Mr. Chairman of Justice,

I have been invited here, district court of Helsinki 11th of August 2004 in order to say my word in regards to conversion of fines, which I have been given for not attending draft commission 23rd of November 1998 and 26th of November 2001, to a prison sentence.

I am an anarchist by conscience, and I regard state as a concentration of structural violence that must be destroyed – thus I for sure fight against any army and institutions connected to them, such as draft commission, which I do not attend. Since autumn of 1997 I have been ordered to attend draft commission 17 times, last time I skipped it last Monday, 9th of August 2004.

During last 7 years state has continuously persecuted me because of my conscience against draft commission. I have been under arrest warrant almost continuously; I have not paid any of the many fines given to me, nor I ever will. You may give me any prison sentence you like, but I may assure that international movement of anarchists will not remain ignorant in front of this persecution, which has been going on for years.

In case you sentence me to prison, we will destroy state of Finland. As anarchists we are against all authorities and states, so we may as well begin finishing with them from Finland. Continuous attacks of anti-authoritarian movement against USA are not only little bit banal, but also strategically shortsighted – why begin destruction of all the states from the strongest one? Finland will definitely be easier to destroy, and although revolution may ever survive in isolation, temporary realization of libertarian communism in Finland offers us a chance to practice ”revolutionary gymnastics”, as defined by Spanish anarcho-syndicalists of 30’s, which trains working class for tasks of upcoming global revolution. From now on, we will burn first and foremost Finnish flags.

We are ready to hit weakest chain of the Finnish economic system – Nokia Corporation, famous for its low-quality mobile phones and key component in maintenance of illusion of social peace in Finland. 50 000 anarchists all over the world are prepared to steal Nokia mobile phones, this way we may quickly wreck balance sheet of the corporation and put both Helsinki stock exchange and Finnish economic system to a deep dive. At first sight carefully branded Nokia mobile phones may seem top ranking but in everyday use they quickly broke down. They are rotten as the whole social democrat regime in Finland.

Mr. Chairman of Justice, I ask you nothing.

I’ve made my choice, what is yours?

Helsinki 11.8.2004
Antti Rautiainen