Title: May Day rally speech
Topics: May Day, speech, Ukraine
Date: 11 November 2017
Source: Retrieved on 20th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li

The current government, that is established through the efforts of the Maidan, is not able to modernize Ukraine even by the capitalist development way. It cannot overcome either the corruption-bureaucratic system that prevails in public institutions of all levels, or the budget crisis, which has the consequences of the shortage of the working people, or the hopeless state of the past Ukrainian economy, destroying any hope of prosperity, and also it cannot solve the war problems, which destroy thousand of our sisters and brothers’ lives.

There is no hope any new government will deal with these tasks. There are no special hopes of the reformist way of development, and variants of fascism and military dictatorships should not be considered. The ruling class of the bourgeoisie and its own state apparatus are not interested in building the country. They have been demonstrating how much they give a damn about ordinary people and how they care about their own purses.

The quality of life has been getting worse, and the profits of the rich in power have been only increasing. Moreover, these people in power have the courage to justify their parasitization on the people’s poverty that exists because of the war.

It is unlikely that this situation will satisfy the people who have been recently ready to desperately struggle for change in spite of any threats, and are now enthusiastically opposed to Russian military aggression. Today, we are able to determine the fate of our society ourselves.

We are sure, the patience of Ukrainian society will not be endless, and its will for a better life and recent revolutionary experience won’t allow you to watch a new counter-revolutionary power is stealing the shirt of our backs. The main question is in «what direction will social anger be released?»

We don’t fulfil our sad fantasy about the Ukrainian workers will be able to build anarcho-communist society as soon as possible. The fight will be even fiercer than the one took place during the culmination of the Maidan. However, our ideological predecessors, the Ukrainian Makhnovists and the Spanish FAI-CNT, were experiencing even worse times, were able to give the real democracy examples of the world, anarchist production and a new quality of social life.

We are convinced that today the only possible path to a decent life and prosperity in Ukraine is an anarchist revolution, that takes the power from the hands of the bourgeoisie and expropriate the means of production. Only the public control of the economy and the adoption of decisions without intermediaries can give us that any power can’t give.

For expropriation and socialization of means of production!

For a free, stateless society of welfare and prosperity!