Title: Workers protests and strike in tea garden in Kulaura, Bangladesh
Date: April 28, 2018
Source: https://libcom.org/news/workers-protests-strike-tea-garden-kulaura-bangladesh-28042018

Workers of Marina tea-garden in Kulaura upazila owned by Transcom Group protested demanding the implementation of a new agreement with Bangladesh Tea Workers Union. Workers abstained from the tea garden manager's office on Saturday, 8 April, from 9am to 12pm.

Later, in a protest meeting, the chairperson of the panchayat president Khoka Naik presided over the function and in-charge of In-Charge of Longla Valley, Nandlal Das, he spoke as the chief guest, RM Bhajan Kairy, general secretary of Bangladesh Tea Workers Union. Speaking of the special guest, the District of Mongla (Region) said. Shahidul Islam, general secretary Sanju Goswami, local UP member said. Manu Mia, Advisor of Longla Valley B Durga Nuru, former ganger panchayat secretary Monteu Ghosh At that time, about 9 hundred workers of the garden bakayet general secretary Karim Miaasaha went on strike and did not go to work.

The protesters said that wages were increased every two years during the new agreement between Bangladesh Tea Workers Union and Bangladesh Tea Association of Tea-garden Owners Association. However, due to the expiry of the wages agreement of the tea workers in January of 2017, the tea workers are still working on the daily wage of 85 taka because no new agreement has been signed. Because of which many of the family members of the labor family are suffering due to misery. He said that they have submitted a memorandum to the senior authority for immediate implementation of their 20-point demand including wage hike.

Rama Bhajan Kairy, general secretary of Bangladesh Tea Shramiki Union, said the ongoing movement of tea workers was logical. Immediately the tea garden owners should increase their wages by implementing new contracts and implement them, it is also the demand of tea workers union.