Title: “My Reasons for Favoring the Allies”
Author: Benjamin Tucker
Topic: letter
Date: Dec 23, 1914
Source: Retrieved on 2016-10-28 from http://marxists.architexturez.net/archive/tucker/1914/allies.htm
Notes: Source: Benjamin R. Tucker Papers, New York Public Library; Transcribed: by Mitchell Abidor.

Dec 23, 1914

Dear Labadie;

Bool says that you wish to know my reasons for favoring the Allies. I favor the Allies because I pity the Belgian people, because I admire the British influences that make or liberty, because I feel some (tho I regret to say a decreasing) concern for the future of the American people, because I have considerable sympathy or the people of Russia, and because I hate and fear the German people as a nation of domineering brutes bent on turning the whole world into a police-ridden paradise of the Prussian pattern. I have numerous other reasons for favoring the allies, but the above is the main reason and a sufficient one.

You see, I don’t love everybody as you and Bool do. My love is limited in quantity, and goes out in special directions. However, much as it is, here’s a goodly share of it for you.

Cordially yours, Benj. R. Tucker

Feb 19, 1907