Title: Black Dissent And a Broader Indigeneity
Subtitle: A Tail of Being Gaslit
Author: Anonymous
Date: JUNE 21, 2020
Source: Retrieved on 2020-12-28 from https://iaf-fai.org/2020/06/21/black-dissent-and-a-broader-indigenity-a-tail-of-being-gaslight/

Being gaslit by non Black Indigenous people is exhausting.

The tweets I’ve gotten for daring to ask white proximity indigenous to not talk over black and brown indigenous are, dare to say downright harm. More black cause Brown indigenous have piled on too. Anti blackness. These fuckers really think they’re exempt from being called out for anti-Blackness and got mad when I said they have a close proximity to whiteness. This kind of shit is what Black Indigenous deal with constantly. One even dare to say that Black Indigenous is a US only concept.

Okay insert appropriate gif here.

This brings me to my next point:

You’re American/Gringo

Not only is this a dismissive deflection. It superimposes a violent settler state name on to me a stolen person from Africa. I have every right to talk about anti-Blackness no matter where it is. The madness comes from Brazilians who’s country is highly anti-Black. Telling me I know nothing. I know anti-Black violence.

Your US Concepts Don’t Work Here

Did they forget they were colonized by the Spanish and the Portugese who brought African slaves. They have a centuries head start on colonial America. And while there are some differences. It’s relatively the same given the larger concept of European colonialism.

Silencing Black Dissent

Really all this shit just amounts to the silencing of Black dissent, because blackness is seen as a stain on Indigeneity in their eyes.

Point Overwiew

I only ask non-Black indigenous to consider there position as it relates to Black indigenous. To which they response with attempts to silence, erasure of Black Indigeneity, calling me an American, i.e. imposing a settler label on a stolen African, downright denial of colorism among indigenous people, the ignorant belief that these points I raise are strictly US concepts. Conclusion it doesn’t matter the culture or whatever Anti-blackness is a common thread shared among all non-Black people.