On the night of March 28, we visited the office of the Communist Party of Sweden. On the door of the office, we wrote “weapon to the people in Ukraine” (“Vapen åt folket i Ukraina”). The office of the Stalinists is located in a residential building, next to civil infrastructure. Therefore, the action was carried out in a "soft" form.

We are anarchists and we believe that Stalinist Parties are legitimate targets for attack. Moreover, SKP participates in parliamentary spectacles of different levels, including elections to the Swedish parliament and to the European Parliament. We believe that elections are needed only for pacification of the oppressed. But in this case, we attacked the Stalinists because of their appeals not to show solidarity with the struggling people of Ukraine.

Formally, the Stalinists want "peace" in Ukraine. At the same time, they call not to provide to the people of Ukraine any military, economic and political help. These appeals are not only addressed to the Swedish state, but also to grass-root organizations. The armed resistance of the people of Ukraine leads i their opinion to the further "escalation".

The position of the Stalinists is kind of victim blaming. According to them, the war in Ukraine is going on because the people of Ukraine do not surrender to Putin. If the popular resistance stops, then, in their opinion, “peace” will come.

We know what this “peace” means for the people of Ukraine - neoliberal exploitation, multiplied by the occupational fascist regime, mass repressions, greater indignity of individual.

We know what this “peace” means for Ukrainian anarchists - torture, long prison terms, possibly the murder of active participants of the movement.

People of Ukraine have right to self-defense from this kind of “peace”.

Solidarity with Ukrainian anarchists and their anti-imperialist struggle!