Title: To the working class
Subtitle: For mobilisation and confluence
Date: 3rd April 2023
Source: Retrieved on 15th April 2023 from www.cnt.es
Notes: Original translation.

The Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) and the Confederación Sindical Solidaridad Obrera (SO) are three organisations that recognise ourselves as heirs of the workers’ tradition of anarcho-syndicalism, that maintain and promote the memory of those who fought for the construction of the workers’ movement in the territory we share, and that have in common the objective of building a libertarian society, in which exploitation and oppression have disappeared.

In the present situation of crisis and war, we call on the workers to mobilise to demand the following:

  • The defence of public pensions, bearing in mind that the planned cuts in public pensions are an aggression, not only against pensioners, but against the working class as a whole. The defence of the purchasing power of pensions, wages and the guarantee of basic household supplies, preventing employers from continuing to increase their profit margins in a context of high inflation, in which the pro-government trade unions are abandoning the fight for wage increases. The defence of public services, demanding the reversal of privatised services and the laws that allow this, as well as an increase in staffing levels and budgets for services such as health, education and dependency.

  • The defence of equality in the workplace, guaranteeing the disappearance of the wage gap between men and women and the prevention of the risks of occupational pathologies that affect women to a greater extent. The defence of the right to housing for the working class, in the face of the evictions that will result from interest rate rises, and the demand for a sufficient public housing stock for social renting. The defence of migrant workers, who are subjected to illegality and violence, while they produce a large part of the wealth. The defence of nature, guaranteeing the emergence of a new society and a new economy, respectful of the ecosystem. An end to Spanish participation in any of the wars in which it is taking part, including the one in Ukraine, which is unleashing an escalation of arms on the continent and a growing social and economic crisis.

  • An end to the repression unleashed against social movements and the labour movement. We demand freedom of association and basic civil liberties, which are in danger in the face of ignominious events such as the repression against the CNT comrades in the La Suiza bakery in Xixón. We demand freedom for all those who are being repressed for participating in social struggles.

CGT, CNT and Solidaridad Obrera have decided to overcome the isolation imposed on us by the dynamics of partial struggles and to focus on what we have in common. Overcome the dispersed mobilisations and try to overwhelm official unionism by promoting a big joint process of mobilisation of militant trade unionism. We call on the working class to fight for their rights and win their emancipation, in these times of crisis, through struggle and unity of action.

Madrid, 8th March 2023