Title: Declaration of the C.U.A.C. on the attacks on the USA
Topics: 9/11, terrorism
Date: 14th September 2001
Source: Retrieved on 8th August 2021 from struggle.ws

On September the 11th TV channels worldwide showed how a number of hijacked planes perpetrated a series of attacks against certain strategic targets in the USA: the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Without missing any detail, they showed the horror of the attacks, at the same time as the representatives of almost all of the States of the world gave their unconditional support to the US government which meant support for any punitive action it intends to take against the scapegoats currently being searched for by the intelligence organisations. On the face of these facts, the Congreso de Unificación Anarco-Comunista (CUAC-Chile) declares:

  1. Our regret for the civilian casualties caused by these attacks, for all the dead and wounded workers, who had no control over the political decisions of the US government. Revolutionaries cannot be happy with death and destruction, no matter how deep our hatred for imperialism.

  2. That the responsibility for what happened lies solely with the imperialist policies of the USA and the system upon which it rests: capitalism. Throughout the XXth century the US, in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, which it does not understand as anything other than the protection of the economic interests of its bourgeoisie, has carried out atrocities similar and even a thousand times worse, from the aggressions in Vietnam, Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Cuba and countless other countries, to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to the interventions in Latin America and complicity in inciting coups like the one in our country. All these followed by horrible massacres, but in these cases, we, the victims, were second class citizens. Considering this, we find it surprising that the US is looking for those responsible, when it should know well that nobody is more responsible than its own government.

  3. That we view as repulsive cynicism the supposed humanist discourse with those rulers who have expressed their regret. If that humanism was sincere, we should expect the same kind of forceful declarations when the US bomb cities with their hospitals, old people, women, men and children, or when it blockades a country, condemning to slow death millions of people. But in these cases, there is nothing but the silence of complicity or criminal support. If we are going to talk about the right to life, let’s be serious. In the same fashion, the TV channels that have recorded every single detail of the tragedy, even giving names of the victims, show such little ‘curiosity’ about what goes on beneath the debris left behind after a US bombing.

  4. The manipulation of the media, where in this case they talk about ‘terrorism’, but when the victims are Latin, African or Moslem peasants, they call the same thing, ‘order’.

  5. We reject any kind of repressive action by the USA. This, for reasons of justice, because it is the US itself that is responsible. Also, an attack by the US on any country, would be to repeat the same thing it has condemned so much: the massacre of innocent people. Thus, it is not absolutely clear who is behind the attacks, which are going to be used as an excuse to repress ethnic minorities and political dissidence, to install the anti-missile shield, to harden imperialist policies, to reinforce the intelligence services, and to strengthen the image of a homogeneous globalisation under US leadership (so deteriorated after the appearance of the movement against capitalist globalisation).

  6. We should keep on the alert against the spiral of violence and irrationality to which we are being led by capitalism and States. We shouldn’t allow nationalism to be reinforced, what happened has to be useful to see clearly who the real enemy is and also the lamentable consequences that we have to face.

  7. But we know that the task of stopping the barbarism is not one of governments, who play with us as with pieces of chess, and they are not interested in the human cost of this macabre game. This responsibility belongs to the actions of solidarity of the people, in reviving a new internationalist spirit that can face up to the death. Today our call is for peace, but we know that if we want peace, we should declare war on capitalism and on state power. But we will categorically reject participation in any war that is not against our true enemies.