On the night of Saturday 25/6 we broke into a facility of the national army in Goudi, near the spot where communist fighter Nikos Belogiannis was executed in March 1952, and burnt a military jeep. The incendiary attack we carried out was an act of resistance to armed authority and nationalism of the greek state.

The war against militarism is a class war against capitalism itself. In order to subvert the world of oppression and exploitation, we must tear

down the state and private armies, which are the spearhead of class dominance and the imperialistic war.

The greek army as a link in the imperialistic alliance of NATO, exists in order to serve the interests of the local and supranational capital. Plenty of businesses of greek capitalists (Intracom, Greek Defence Systems, Germanos etc.) and greek universities have invested in the war.

The greek state participates in transnational interventions and has established strategic partnerships with the Zionist state (simultaneously providing it with political support since it is the only state in the world which recognizes Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel) and the junta in Egypt.

The new Military Strategy Dogma of the greek state clearly states the direction of national militarism towards brutal class oppression: “The Armed Forces contribute in the context of law enforcement and internal security of the country compliant with the existing legal framework. Some activities of this sector, in extreme cases, are possible to demand the enforcement of Military Power. In this category are included operations for dealing with asymmetric threats within the country, such as terrorism, illegal migration, the security of major sporting events etc”. The national enemy is the working class which has been wounded by war and poverty and “terrorism”, i.e. armed resistance.

Afterwards, mentioning, sorting and evaluating more specifically the national dangers, besides the “armed clash between states” and the “armed intervention of the international community” (which justifies the “preventive” intervention of the greek army in the interior), the new Military Strategy Dogma defines as military threats “civil war, the armed separatist movements, the asymmetric threats expressed with weapons etc”.

Furthermore, the militarists identify also “political, economic and social threats” to the “National Interests of Survival”, “which if lost or affected, the consequences for the country will be crucial for its existence and for which the State and Nation must be determined to go to war”, since these threats are connected with the “securing of freedom and political independence”:

— ”Political security concerns the organizational stability of states, the systems of governing and the ideologies that legitimize it… Political threats always aim to hurt the organizational stability of the states namely the political or national ideology of the state and the institutions it represents”. The regime which is completely dependent and enslaved to the major banking capital, admits that in order to survive it needs to fortify its institutions and enforce its national ideology with military means. What is the difference with a junta? Bourgeois democracy with a left-wing government, without coup d’états, directly adopts the militarization of class dominance. Capitalism is a dictatorship with a velvet vail.

— ”Economic security concerns the access to economic resources, the finance and the markets required with the support of an acceptable level of wealth and state power. Based on the above the most likely economic threat is the formation of a non-smooth economic environment in the country for the functioning of the market economy, which to failure of succeeding main macroeconomic targets and the dysfunction of basic activities of economy, like in transportation, energy policy, foreign trade, tourism etc. Some that definitely have an economic dimension is organized crime and emigrational waves”. We are the point when the state openly announces the class war in the name of “freedom” of the nation, first against the masses of immigrants, in order to “macro-economically” secure the “level of wealth and state power” of the bourgeois class. The national war mechanism creates a dessert of concentration camps and mass graves, in order to perpetuate the profits from waged slavery.

— “Social security concerns the ability to support a framework of acceptable conditions for the evolution of traditional patterns of language structure and religious and national identity of morals and customs”. Greece, greek Christians, snitches, murderers and torturers. The “traditional” ”social” holders of the greek state in “evolution”: nationalism, religious fundamentalism and fascism (the evolution). In order for there not to be any misunderstanding about what class interests the armed mechanisms of the state serve, the Military Strategy Dogma indicatively mentions that for “the prosperity of the people, the defending of human rights… the protection of the environment etc”, “the State and Nation is willing to carry out important sacrifices, usually without resolving to war or any other use of military force”. The “sacrifices” that feed the funds of the “State” and mainly of the banks, is the product of blatant exploitation. Not a word of the bloodsucking of the multinational proletariat, namely the large mass of the working class. The “sacrifices” are for the honour of the “Nation”.

The army is purveyor to exclusively defend the state and capitalist dominance. NO SERVICE TO THE ARMED MECHANISMS AND THE INSTITUTIONS OF THE STATES


Council of Anarchist action “Gracchus Babeuf”