Title: Against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas
Date: November 2003
Source: Retrieved on 7th May 2021 from utopianmag.com
Notes: Translated by Ron Tabor

The Cuban Libertarian Movement strongly opposes this imperialist expansion, under the guise of a “project for integration” because this this new imposition by the United States is an attack against:

  • Indigenous people’s autonomy

  • Social achievements

  • The planet and its natural resources

  • The environment

  • People’s freedom

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are choking humanity with their relentless demands, legitimized by corrupt puppet governments, who, following their designs, oppress and exploit our class brothers and sisters throughout America.

Capital’s globalization, whether by means of NAFTA or MERCOSUR, with its pretension of capitalist integration with a “human” face, is against the aspirations and principles of those whom it exploits and their struggle for a tomorrow with liberty, justice and dignity. Another world is possible. A true integration is necessary, integration founded on human solidarity, mutual aid, self-management, acknowledgment and respect for cultural diversity, not the integration imposed by the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

No to the FTAA,no to their imperialist ambitions and their puppet governments in our America!